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Legacy Concert Choir: Grades 4-12

Legacy Concert Choir: Grades 4-12: Beginning to Intermediate Choir, audition required.

Legacy is offered as a stand alone class (non-network pricing) or as part of our Network Day class schedule. Legacy Concert Choir is the perfect place to explore choir and ensemble singing in a safe and encouraging environment while learning choral structure and performance etiquette while still providing opportunities for growth and development.


A semester commitment is required as is participation in Choice Education's Night of Excellence semester events.  Additional performance opportunities may be available at the director's discretion. Participation at additional performances are not mandatory. 




Tuition: Included in monthly Network Day tuition. See our current Network Day rates HERE. 



Concert attire approx. $70 per student includes tax and shipping. Does not include dress shoes. 50% due when we place orders, 50% due when attire arrives. 

Music & Licensing Fee $15.00 per student per semester due at the time of enrollment



Tuition: $150 per semester, due at time of enrollment. Payment options available, contact our administrators.

Concert attire: approx. $80 per student includes tax and shipping. Does not include dress shoes. 50% due when we place orders, 50% due when attire arrives. 

Music & Licensing Fee: $15.00 per student per semester due at the time of enrollment


Audition and Participation requirements include the following: 

1.      Teachable and willing to put forth effort to be part of the choral team.

2.      Able to read simple to complex sentences (we will teach how to read from choral music).

3.      Ability to follow the director: includes, but not limited to: verbal and written instruction, as well as basic 

         conducting cues as taught in class (includes non-verbal choral direction).

4.      ATTENDANCE at weekly rehearsals. Choirs are TEAM efforts. When members are absent the entire choral experience is changed as every voice is a critical element in the overall blend. 

4.      Demonstrate ability to hear and follow pitch during the audition process. Students will be asked to sing

         "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and given the opportunity to perform a song of their choice. Basic vocal warm

          ups and ear training exercises will be given to help determine the students current range and strength.

          Returning students will also audition/interview as voices change from season to season.


Legacy meets for 12 weeks and may include performance opportunities after our "official last day" of class.

Spring 2021: Thursdays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale in the worship center.

First Class: February 4, 2021

Last Class: April 29, 2021

Legacy Concert Choir is intended to allow maximum participation and provide a natural "starting point" for new and developing voices. The level at which Legacy Concert Choir performs will vary from beginning to intermediate based on the skills of the current choir.


Advanced singers enrolled in our Vivace or Virtuoso ensembles are able to participate in Legacy Concert Choir with the director's approval and purchase of a music packet (up to $15).

Vivace Chorus: Advanced Ensemble for grades 6 -8

Virtuoso Chorus: Advanced High School Chorus for grades 9-12

Vivace and Virtuoso Chorus are our audition only intermediate to advanced vocal ensembles. Participants enroll for the school year and various performance opportunities are available throughout the year including, but not limited to: Branson Live, State Capital events, Choral Festivals, local events, recording/production projects, and more. Students are required to perform at Choice Education’s Evening of Excellence semester events. Performance opportunities vary from season to season and are booked at the discretion of our choral director. 

Each group requires a minimum of 8 participants to keep ensembles in separate rehearsals. If not enough participants are enrolled, Vivace and Virtuoso singers will combine into one ensemble meeting in the Vivace rehearsal time.

Enrollment and Audition Process:

A parent/guardian is required to accompany their student(s) to our orientation and information meeting before formally enrolling into the program. Auditions may be scheduled before or after orientation meetings. Students do not have to complete an audition prior to attending information meetings.

Auditions for Spring 2021 will be held on Thursday, January 14, 2021 beginning at 10:30 AM. 


Spring 2021 rehearsals will be held on Thursdays. Due to expected lower participation due to C19 restrictions, we will combine Vivace and Virtuoso for Spring semester.

REHEARSALS: Thursdays, 1:00 - 2:00 PM starting February 4th

AUDITIONS: January 14th SIGN UP HERE: Choice Education Network: Choir and Drama Auditions (

ORIENTATION: for Spring 2021 is scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 11:00 AM - 12:00pm in the Worship Center at Elmdale Baptist Church. RSVP on our events page here.


Network Day Members: Tuition is included in Network Day Monthly Fees

Non Network Members: $200 per semester

Music & Licensing Fee: $50 per student

Concert Attire: Up to $100 per student

Travel Fees: Varies from season to season, see orientation information for each 

season’s anticipated break down.  Spring 2021 will be limited and local due to C19.

Spring 2021 anticipated fees include

Branson Live tickets not to exceed $50 per student per booking (we plan for one show in April or early May)

Recording Fees, not to exceed $40 per student billed upon booking our session in March or early April.

*Scholarships and financial aid may be available, please speak with the administrator if your family will require aid for participation.

*8 Member minimum require.

Contact our choir director, Stacey Fuchs, HERE, for additional questions or concerns or to schedule your audition.


We look forward to taking our advanced choirs to festivals and competitions, but we need your help!

Concert Attire: $80 per student - Our entire choir needs outfitting this year!

Music & Licensing $125 per song selection (each group typically performs 4-7 selections per semester)

Branson Live: Up to $50 per traveler per venue (prices vary according to venue)

Shuttle Service to Branson (Day Fee): $2000

Recording Fees: $350 per choir (required for participation in virtual choral festivals and competitions)

Choral Festival with Performance Tour: varies by region and age division. Approx $1000 per traveler.

Contact Amy Chiodo to set up a tour to hear our choirs, meet our Director, Stacey Fuchs and see how your sponsorship can make a difference in the lives our singers.

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