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Choice Education Network, Inc. (CEN) is a nonprofit located in Northwest Arkansas with a mission to empower families in their decision to find alternative education. From weekly social days, to tutoriting support and homeschool resources, to hybrid school platforms, CEN has an a le carte platform that allows each unique homeschool to EDUCATE THEIR WAY by allowing complete customization of services.
Choice Education Network, Inc is a conservative, traditional family values organization working to create a family-friendly environment for learners of all ages.   We offer a variety of services including hybrid school (with classroom accommodations for "learning different" students), weekly co-op classes for home schoolers, and access to a network of local resources. Our mission is to support alternative education models to help families "Educate Their Way" to the specific needs and interests of their family.

Choice Education Network, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2019.

EIN : 84-1743218


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