Taekwondo by Fayetteville Martial Arts

FMA Randy.jpg

Master Randy Edwards, 8th Dan

Owner & Chief of Instruction

Fayetteville Martial Arts

Master Edwards began his study of Taekwondo as a senior in high school and has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years. He has the experience needed to teach children with love, but still instill discipline and respect in their lives. Learn more HERE.

A special thank you to Darcy and Randy Edwards of Fayetteville Martial Arts (FMA) for providing Taekwondo classes during our Network Day! We're delighted to introduce new students to this outstanding martial arts family!

Classes will be held on Thursday's from 10:15-11:00 AM starting February 4th at Elmdale Baptist Church in their CLC/Gym.


New Price Structure for Spring 2021:

This class is not longer offered under our Network Days rate. Thank you FMA for offering such a wonderful preview during our Fall 2020 semester.

FMA is offering a discounted monthly tuition rate of $30 per month per student and will continue to offer their curriculum on site during our Network Day schedule for ease of participation. Students will be able to belt test and participate in other FMA classes and events.

Please "enroll" in Fayetteville Martial Arts on our online registration form and a special link will be sent to register your family directly with FMA for the discounted rate of $30 per student per month.


$20 FMA T-shirt/uniform

$45-$60 FMA uniform (varies according to fabric choices)

$50 per student for belt testing (optional)

Learn more about Fayetteville Martials Arts HERE!