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Children's Programs (under age 10)

Our new and improved PLAY SCHOOL CO-OP is filled with fun, hands-on, social classes designed especially to meet the needs of our youngest learners! Preschool through lower elementary programs meet for 12 weeks each semester.

Social and Academic
Co-Op for Tweens & Teens

Engage in our specialized initiatives tailored for just for tweens and teens. From career exploration to leadership development, our programs empower teens to thrive in their personal and academic pursuits. Both 12-week social co-op courses and longer Academic courses are available for a customized education!

Community Partner Courses

Unlock your potential with our PROFESSIONAL courses and career exploration opportunities. Whether you're seeking professional development or personal enrichment, we're working with local businesses and professionals to offer our High Schoolers learning opportunities and concurrent enrollment options!

How It Works

Choice Education Network, Inc is primarily a co-op, meaning all families are expected to participate and contribute in some way; however, we do offer drop-off courses within our ACADEMIC Co-Op and COMMUNITY PARTNER PROGRAMS.  All social co-op/play school co-op courses are intended to be family style with everyone helping in whatever capacity they can for a smooth community day.


All courses are billed up front for the entire SEMESTER.  Families are responsible for the semester fees even if absent or choosing to cancel their enrollment. 

NO annual fees or annual commitments for MOST programs. (Some academic and community partner courses will expect a 32-week/annual commitment)

Customized Schedules! No minimum enrollment limit. No sibling enrollment requirement. Take as many or as few courses as you desire.

Registration Fees are "INSURANCE FEES" and are non refundable and billed each semester.

Fall 2024 Registration Fees are: $75 first student; $65 second student; $55 each additional with $250 family max in registration fees.

TUITION FEES cover our rent and provide a BASE LINE supply budget.


Social & Play School Co-Op Fees: $50 per class, per student, per semester.

Academic Co-Op Fees: $100 per class, per student, per semester.

Community Partner Program Fees: Vary by course


It is expected that everyone will abide by the golden rule at all times. At Choice Education Network, Inc., we strive to bring "our best self" to our classes, workshops and events.  

Dress Code: Choice Education Network, Inc expects students, teachers and guests to arrive in attire generally considered suitable for school environments. Please note that some programs may have their own dress codes.

Behavior. Only those behaving as ladies and gentlemen are permitted on campus.  NO bullying, NO foul language, NO rude behavior towards staff, volunteers or each other.  CEN reserves the right to refuse service to students and/or families no upholding respectful and safe behaviors.

Religious or Not Religious Campus? Choice Education Network, Inc is a CONSERVATIVE, TRADITIONAL-FAMILY-VALUES organization. All are welcome who respect and uphold this campus standard at all times while attending CEN classes, events, field trips, etc., regardless of personal beliefs or home lifestyles. CEN is not "religious" in nature, nor are we affiliated with any religious denomination. We ARE hosted by a church, and, as such, respect their wishes for use of their space.

THREE NO'S IN THE CLASSROOM: There are three subjects in which NO teacher/volunteer/staff member may introduce into our CLASSROOM settings. 1) Political Debate. This is not the place to converse in the classroom your political stances.  2) Religious Doctrine. We are not a church, bible study or Sunday school.  While it is normal to bring up belief systems in the day to day conversations, especially in the "Bible Belt" of the South, it is inappropriate to allow the conversation of the classroom to become a religious doctrine conversation.  3) Sexuality/Sex Ed. Our classrooms are not the place to be discussing sexuality. It is highly inappropriate for any classroom setting to turn to this topic of conversation at any time. Teachers and assisting adults are expected to RE-DIRECT these topics back to the parent/home and remind students that will are to remain "on topic" in the classroom setting.

What FAMILIES choose to discuss outside the classroom is not censored. Please keep ADULT conversations amongst adults only and be mindful of little ears. 

PEOPLE FIRST ALWAYS! It is our desire to have a diverse community dedicated to supporting one another in the difficult journey of educating our children and parenting in the 21st century. Times are hard for everyone. Every family is working through their own storm and requires a SAFE HAVEN to find refuge, support, love, understanding and an ear to hear. Please remember to act with kindness.

General Media Release

We have a campus yearbook and we take A  LOT of photos! These are shared on our private BAND APP for all our families to enjoy; however, from time to time we get some excellent footage and photography that we use for PUBLIC advertising. CEN will never share names of any participants.

By enrolling in Choice Education Network, Inc.,'s programming, you agree to general use of photography, video and audio clips.  If you wish to decline participation in media content, please speak with the director so your family will be removed from any public sharing.

All public events (any event open to the general public) cannot be monitored for public posting. It is assumed that any family attending any public event understands that they can an will be filmed, photographed, videoed, etc and waives all rights to any an all media shared from public events.

Who to Contact for Help

Amy Chiodo is our founder and Executive Director. For any needs on campus, please CONTACT THE DIRECTOR by email, here.

Need to discuss larger issues with The Board of Directors? Send an EMAIL to the Secretary of the Board HERE.


Our community uses BAND APP to communicate, share schedules and report weekly news. It is expected and required that all families registered with CEN is active (checking at least once per week) on band.  FALL 2024: JOIN US ON BAND APP by clicking here!

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