Our Sponsors

Our clubs, classes and events are made possible through the generous donations of time, resources and funding from our supporters and sponsors.  "Sponsor" status is granted for donations valued at $250 or more.

The Free Family

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Thank you for your generous contribution of $250 in October 2020 via Facebook "Giving Tuesday" events.

MBL, Architects

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Thank you for your generous contribution of $250 in December 2019 and 2020. 

Learn More About 

Miller Boskus Lack Architects HERE!

Irwin Family

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Thank you for sponsoring our K-4 Art Classroom for Fall 2020.  Our families THANK YOU for bringing creative arts to our Network Day schedules.

The Berry's

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Thank you for sponsoring our choral programs and Montessori inspired K-2 Classroom.

Fayetteville Martial Arts

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Thank you for providing Taekwondo classes as part of our Fall 2020 Network Days class schedule and providing specialized rates to our community for Spring 2021.


Learn more about Fayetteville Martial Arts HERE

The Boys & Girls Club of Fayetteville

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The Boys and Girls Club of Fayetteville are our "Network Days" host for the 2019-2020 School Year! Thank you for opening up your facility to our homeschool community.

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Fayetteville Public Television

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Fayetteville Public Television has partnered with our network to provide training and mentoring to our Journalism, Broadcasting and CEN News Clubs. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to offer skills training to our families.

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Origin Church - NWA

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Our original homeschool choir host, Darci Johnson of 

Origin Church - NWA,

has been a resource and support since August 2017.  

Elite Dance Studios

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A special thank you to Virginia and Emily of Elite Dance Studios for their generous donations of silent auction and raffle giflt certificates in addition to Sponsoring our "Intro to Dance" classes during our Fall 2019 Network Days!

Learn more about

Elite Dance Studios, here

Office Depot
Store 343

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Thank you to David in the

Copy Center for our discounted printing and donated printed items and your wonderful patience with our print requests!

Thank you for the supplies donations so our choirs could have binders at no cost to us!


Become a Sponsor Today!

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Our programs depend on the generous contributions of time, resources and talent from our sponsors. Contributions, large and small, have significant impact and provide opportunities for our homeschooling network that are otherwise unavailable.

To Sponsor our Programs, please email the Network Director.


A very special thank you to friends, family and local supporters for your donations. ALL donations of time, resources, materials and monetary aid are appreciated and valuable to our network.

There are many ways you, or your organization can donate.

1. Volunteer! We are always looking for help leading clubs, classes, setting up or cleaning up events and helping to spread the word of our organization. Email our Network Director for more information on how you can help.

2. Bring your donated items or funds to an event/class (see our calendar to know where we'll be each week).

3. Donate online via our Chuffed.org fundraising campaign. Click here to be taken to our campaign page.

Recent Donations:

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Cash Donation for furniture. $150.00

Jan 2021

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MBL, Architechs

program printing December 2020

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The Free Family

$250.00, November. 2020 Cash Donation!

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Randy & Brenda Berry

$100, Sept. 2020

$100, Oct. 2020

$50 Nov. 2020

Cash Donations!

thank you2.png
Beverly Shepherd

$50.00, Sept. 2020 Cash Donation!

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MBL, Architechs

$250.00, Dec. 2019 Cash Donation!

thank you2.png
Briar Rose Bakery

$20.00, Aug 2019

in  Raffle Prizes!

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Learning Oasis

$20.00, July 2019

& Raffle Prize!

thank you2.png
Elite Dance

Raffle Prize July 2019

thank you2.png

$200.00, June 2019

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Walmart Neighborhood Market #5737

Flower donation,

May 2019 $100.00

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Online Anonymous 

$50 cash donation!