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YES! We have Fall 2020 Classes!

Why Choose Our Network?

What sets Choice Education Network, Inc. apart from other homeschool groups and co-ops?


1. We are not a standard "co-op" or limited to just one interest group. We are a growing NETWORK of families and local organizations working together to support your UNIQUE homeschooling goals. We obtained nonprofit status in May of 2019 in hopes of finding sponsors, program hosts and grants for our programs and to make donations tax-deductible as a benefit to our sponsors.

2. Families are NOT required to pay annual memberships to participate. Clubs and classes have their own registration and class fees and discount structure for multi-student or multi-class enrollments. Semester/annual facilities and supply fee may apply. Fees vary from class to class depending on the needs of that particular class/club.

3.  We work within our communities to find existing support and programming to meet our needs. If existing programming is not available, affordable or easily accessible, then Choice Education Network, Inc will work to create classes or form new community connections to get our families the support they seek.

4. Our "network partners in our community" offer specific services to homeschoolers. Families DO NOT need to be enrolled with Choice Education Network, Inc to benefit from these providers. Our goal is to help ALL homeschoolers find affordable, quality programs. Check out our partner companies here.

5.  While we do offer "Network Days" which are a block of classes, clubs or services offered on the same day for various age groups, we do our best to utilize community centers, libraries, public access, churches, parks and other available spaces throughout our community to support our local organizations and their missions to serve the community. This also helps our families connect with businesses and learn more about what our communities have to offer outside of our homeschool support programs. Offering "pop up" workshops and classes are a wonderful way to connect and get to know our neighbors. If you are interested in becoming a listed "partner in our community," contact our director here. 

6. Active participants in our network  qualify to join the Advisory Committee if: 1. They have at least one student currently enrolled or are teaching a class OR 2. Their family has participated in more than two classes, clubs, events, workshops or community service projects within our network within the year. Objective and respectful feedback and suggestions are always welcome from all of our families and surveys are often available at the conclusion of each class, workshop or event.

Here's our Fall 2020 At a Glance, use the drop down menu to read more about individual classes.


Thursday's Schedule, Fall 2020 at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale


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