Our Mission

Founded in 2019 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Choice Education Network, Inc. (CEN) is a start up nonprofit organization with 509(a)(2) public charity status. Our organization was founded with a mission to connect homeschool families with local businesses and organizations to meet the educational, extra curricular and social needs of our students and finding opportunities of our homeschool students to give back to our communities.


Through connections, we hope to support not only homeschool families in achieving their goals, but to build up local economy through networking. Utilizing and making known existing resources to help drive traffic to libraries, community centers, and participation in existing organizational outreach and educational departments are the first steps in our networking process. 


Where services do not exist or are not easily accessible/affordable to homeschool families, Choice Education Network, Inc will work to create new programming and connections to help our homeschool community thrive. As families and organizations come together in support of providing educational opportunities and real world interactions and experiences, we are empowering the next generation with critical skills in communication, cooperation, community awareness and so much more.


Connecting homeschool families with local businesses and organizations to meet their educational, extra-curricular and social needs.

Connecting local businesses with families to better utilize resources and programs already in place or helping to build new programming.


Homeschooling is hard, going it alone is even harder. Join the network to get the support you need by utilizing resources available in our area.


Knowledge, skills, connections and support from a network of friends in our community provide a foundation which empowers our children and youth to become independent, capable adults ready to take on the challenges of the world. 


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