Our Mission

Our mission is to empower families in their decision to find alternative education by connecting with local resources to provide quality support in social,  academic and extra-curricular programs.


As families and organizations come together in support of providing educational opportunities and real world interactions and experiences, we are empowering the next generation with critical skills in communication, cooperation, community awareness and so much more.


Bringing local commerce and resources and families together to better meet the educational needs of our youth while driving traffic to existing businesses.


Homeschooling is hard, going it alone is even harder. Join the network to get the support you need. With programs availabel for all ages, there's something for everyone at Choice Education Network, Inc.


Knowledge, skills, connections and support from a network of friends in our community provide a foundation which empowers our children and youth to become independent, capable adults ready to take on the challenges of the world.  Join a network of friends and professionals dedicated to helping families "train up our youth" with the skills and ethics required to be successful in the world.