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NWA Homeschool Choir  (NWAHS Choir)


Founded in 2017 under Amy Chiodo, we are bringing BACK this ever popular AFFORDABLE, fun and low-commitment youth choir. (Looking for more formal, audition based choirs and ensembles? Click Here for Vivace/Virtuoso choirs)

NOW ENROLLING (Filter Location to "NWAChoir")



How the NWAHS Choir Works:

  • NO Audition. Only an appointment with the director to go over expectations and hear current vocal range/skills. Families may enroll as soon as registration opens. Check the Calendar for group meeting. 1:1 appointments also accepted.

  • Participation / Attendance:

    • Choirs are TEAMS. When teammates are absent it negatively impacts rehearsals and performances. 80% attendance is the minimum requirement to qualify for re-enrollment. ​

    • Our Choir is VOLUNTEER RUN! Please respect the time, resources and energy of the choir by arriving on-time and prepared for rehearsals.

    • Only the semester end concert and it's tech rehearsal are "required performances."  All other "pop-up" opportunities are optional and generally only require 1/3 of the group to participate for the pop-up event to be successful. Easy!  Simply RSVP for the "extras" your family can do and decline the ones you cannot.

    • Communication is EVERYTHING. Please notify the director of any conflicts in the calendar as they arise. Life happens.

  • Open to ages 7+ (5-6 year olds accepted case by case). Music is selected for beginning voices and tailored to the skills of the choir each semester. We spotlight the many ages and skills within the choir. 

  • Fees: $115 per semester plus uniform.

    • Multi-student discounts cannot be offered.

    • $50 per student semester registration fee.​ NON REFUNDABLE, due at time of enrollment.

    • $65 per student tuition fee. Due the first month of rehearsals (August 2023) Nonrefundable after the first month.

    • Standard Uniform for performances: Please have ready for your student the following:

      • Neat denim pants or ladies may choose long denim skirt (no shorts, no holes in the jeans).

      • A plain, solid color POLO short sleeve shirt (any color), with no logos, pockets or decoration.

      • Clean closed toe shoes (sneakers are fine). 

    • If our semester has a "theme" we'll dress to match.

      • FALL 2023: 50's  "Jingle Bell Jukebox." Provide either a modest 50s themed costume or use the "standard" above.

    • Choir Shirts are nice to have but not required. It's an "all or nobody" decision from year to year and would replace the Polo in our standard uniform.

    • OPTIONAL: additional travel / performances. Fuel and meal costs for traveling to performance venues.

  • Time Commitment:

    • We operate in 15-week semesters, one semester at a time.

      • Please note that our semester end concert may fall AFTER week 15 in some instances.​

      • Re-registration is required each semester.

  • REQUIRED: ONE, one-hour rehearsal each week.  Students must maintain 80% attendance or higher to qualify for re-enrollment. 

    • Primary Rehearsal Day: Thursday, 1pm - 2pm at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale. 

      • This choir will run alongside Network Day class schedules for convenience only. We will start the week of August 15th and conclude all "required" activities on or before December 16th 2023.

    • OPTIONAL Secondary Rehearsal Day: Tuesday, 3:30 - 4:45 pm at 1705 Ross Ave, Springdale (Elmdale Education Annex).

      • This rehearsal day is choreography intensive -  meaning all selections rehearsed on this day will have movement. The level of "dance/movement" is determined by the current skills of the group. 

      • It is possible to attend only Tuesdays. Please contact the director for details.

  • REQUIRED: We hold a full tech/dress rehearsal before any major concert. See calendars.

  • REQUIRED: Home practice and participate on BAND APP. Music is to be memorized for all shows. We communicate almost entirely on BAND APP, join us here. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR BAND APP.


    • Our end of semester tech rehearsal and concert/show is mandatory.​

    • ALL other "pop up" shows or additional opportunities are optional.

      • We intend to visit and serve as many nursing homes, veterans homes, assisting living and other such facilities as often as we have enough singers available to go. Use the Band App calendar to RSVP for these events.

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