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On APRIL 6, 2023

join us in our annual day of giving with NWA GIVES!

NWA Gives is a nonprofit organization in Northwest Arkansas with a mission to make NWA the most generous community in the world by inspiring generosity in our community members to support local nonprofits.

This fundraising season

Choice Education Network, Inc. has THREE GOALS:

GAIN 1,000 NEW followers.

FOLLOW US on facebook, instagram, and subscribe to our site.

"LIKE," "FOLLOW," and "SHARE" our pages to help our numbers soar!

WIN most donor participation.

This is all about how many individuals donate ... not about amount raised.

A $1,000 GRANT is our prize if we win!

 Do you have $10 to donate on April 6th to help us win? 

If you would like to be REMINDED to make a donation by text, email and/or phone call,

CLICK HERE to join our REMIND ME list.

RAISE some much needed funds. 

Join Us on APRIL 6th

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