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Network Days

Kids Running
Women Holding Hands
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Our most popular PreK-12th grade community day with budget-friendly, co-op style courses continues!


Led 100% by volunteers, our Choice Education Network community determines which classes and services are most needed to support our families. 



Families volunteer to help teach classes/workshops in subjects they are passionate about.

Local businesses, whom we call Network Partners, also join us on site and offer their services at discounted rates to our families for a convenient "one-stop-shop" day of electives and social fun.

Fees charged primarily pay rentals and insurance and provide a base line supply budget. NO teachers or administration are paid for the Network Day platform. (Network Partners make a marginal income).

Our families meet to choose the subjects for the coming semester and our admin team works to schedule and organize teachers, supplies and logistics.

We enroll admins and teachers first, followed by previously enrolled CEN families and lastly, new families.

All classes are available a la carte as a single class registration. Additional fees or classroom supply support may be requested and will be listed in the class descriptions.


NO annual commitments.


Sign-up only for the classes you wish to take.


NO sibling enrollment requirements (all minors must be either in a class or directly supervised by their parent/guardian while on campus).

NO Drop-off permitted. This is a family style co-op day. Families may make arrangements with one another to help supervise children.

Family Friendly at all times.  While Choice Education Network is not a "religious" organization, we are a conservative, "traditional-family-values" organization. With that are a few "ground rules."

The "Three No's" on campus, which are topics to remain out of our classroom setting at all times: 1) Politics. Our campus is not the place to debate politics. 2) Religious doctrinal debate. 3) Topics of Sexuality. We feel these polarizing topics are best discussed in the home and/or with parents/guardians present and NOT appropriate for our mixed-age campus or classroom setting.


Dress Code. 

A general level of modesty is expected at all times by our families and their guests while on campus. Our "campus" extends to any remote sanctioned activity/event.

Clothing/merchandise depicting drugs, alcohol, gore, profanity, sexual references, are not appropriate at any event/class setting.  As a general rule, if in doubt don't wear it or seek clarification first.



12-week semesters over 13 weeks. We meet on Thursdays at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale with classes offered from 10am - 2pm.  Generally, we meet for 6 weeks, have a break week, and meet an additional 6 weeks with our week 12 as a community showcase and potluck day. (Spring semester may vary slightly due to snow days and coordinating with spring break week calendars.)



$75 Registration Fee per student per semester. This non-refundable fee is due at the time of registration. These fees directly support insurance and operational overhead.

$75-$100 Facility Fee per class - shows as "tuition" in our registration portal. Facility fees directly support our rental fees and deposits for venues, classrooms, annexed building, etc. "Excess" of these funds provide a basic supply budget.  Families are asked to help fill supply needs as they arise for their classes vs charging an additional "supply fee." Facility fees are non-refundable after the 1st week of courses. 

Additional Fees: Class supplies, as requested by teachers.  Production courses such as choirs, drama classes, film studies, etc may have additional fees for scripts, scores, performance licenses, royalties, uniforms, costumes, props, etc and will be collected by the director as applicable. Please meet with your instructor/director 

CEN bills the entire 12-weeks up front and families may make "partial payments" within their parent portal to manage monthly payments. "Monthly installments" are a benefit to our families to help budget the financial obligation. Courses are billed by the semester but families may choose to make payments or pay in full. Accounts need to be current/paid in full by week 10 of each semester. FULL SEMESTER financial obligation is expected. 

Dropping courses after the first week does NOT drop outstanding fees for the course. Please contact the director if scholarships and/or additional payment timelines are needed. If your family has fallen on difficult times, please communicate the need for help.

**Network Partners offer their specialty courses at deep discounts.

If enrolling only in network partner programs, CEN's $75 registration fee is still due and then tuition is paid directly to our Network Partner Businesses. ** FULL SEMESTER financial obligation required to our Network Partners. 


Our Thursday schedule is a co-op style. Participation is required and many opportunities to serve are available. Drop-off is NOT permitted for these programs. Families are asked to be available to "swing" in and help whenever gaps arise in our day.

An average of one working hour per week is the minimum required to qualify for admittance. Assignments are on a first come first served basis. "Working hours" come in various forms including weekly duties, participation in committees, fundraising, clean-up, set-up, and in the classroom. There are on and off campus duties that need filled to ensure a smooth semester experience for our families. All hands are needed to ensure a smooth semester. Our facilities director will be in touch with each family shortly after registration.

Choice Education Network, Ins is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We work diligently to keep prices as low as possible to help more families participate in a community setting. OFTEN times we are not "charging enough" to cover our overhead each year. Our FUNDRAISERS are essential to our organization and as such, participation and support of our semester fundraisers are required. 

FALL FUNDRAISER: Each fall we host either a "Fall Festival" or "Holiday Market." Information on how families may help are shared, generally this includes sharing the event on social media, inviting friends and family to attend and helping to work booths for games and/or bakesale/hot chocolate etc. Families unable to be physically present are asked to help with supplies, raffles, prepare a game for another family to run, etc.

Additionally, Choice Education participates in NOVEMBER'S online Giving Tuesday event. This is purely digital and only requires a few moments time and a few dollars if you have it to spare. Look for these graphics in early November to start sharing and preparing to give the last Tuesday of November for an international day of giving #GivingTuesday.

SPRING FUNDRAISER: Our spring fundraisers vary from virtual fundraisers, vendor markets and community events. Information on how families may help are shared, generally this includes sharing the event on social media, inviting friends and family to attend and helping to work booths for games and/or bake sale/hot chocolate etc. Families unable to be physically present are asked to help with supplies, raffles, prepare a game for another family to run, etc.

Pop Up events. You'll see kids night out, craft nights, mom meet-ups, and other themed events throughout the year. These are additional ways Choice Education and supporting families help us raise necessary funds. Participating in these pop-up events in our annexed classroom is a wonderful way to support our needs during the semester. Volunteer to host an event!


Our Network Partners are local businesses that offer specialized, professional courses at discounted rates. Have a service you'd like to offer to our community, please contact our Network Director.

We are pleased to have the following businesses onsite with us this semester:




A Heart's Wish Photography supporting our yearbook and community photos. 

*Enrollment into these programs are 2 PART:

Part 1 Enroll with Choice Education to pay the initial registration fee to Choice Ed. This reserves your place and you are considered "registered." (Registration fees are billed only ONCE per student each semester regardless of how many courses they wish to enroll).

Part 2 Our Network Partners will provide a separate link to register to THEIR client lists, and you'll pay them directly for tuition for their classes. 

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