Network Days (Tuesdays and/or Thursdays)
at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale, AR

Kids Running
Women Holding Hands
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Spring 2022

READ BELOW THE SCHEDULE for details on how our Network Day programs operate.

Spring 2022 Network Days start Thursday, February 3, 2022. Check in begins at 9:30am with morning assembly in the youth chapel at 9:45am each week.

Spring break week: March 21

Last Day /Semester Showcase & Talent Show: MAY 5th, 2022

(Registrations after week 6 must be manually entered by our director.)

Welcome to NETWORK DAYS!

How it Works:


TEACHERS: Our Network Days operate with 100% volunteer teachers and staff.  Teachers/ Co-Teachers qualify for 50%-off the current co-op rates. Additional discounts are negotiable and approved case by case by the Network Director.


Qualifications: Teachers must provide evidence of proficiency in the areas they wish to teach. We value experience over degrees.  Teachers must agree to teach a minimum of 50% of the time their family is enrolled (full day participation, half day teaching required, etc.), must pass criminal background checks, child maltreatment background checks, attend mandatory teacher training sessions each semester, complete child safety training annually and are subject to randomized drug testing.


Teacher's must submit lesson plan outlines for approval by the Network Director prior to purchasing or using curriculum in the classroom.  Teachers agree to refrain from discussions in the three "Hot Topic" categories while in the classroom setting: Sexuality, Politics, Religious Doctrine.  These topics are to be directed back to the household and NOT discussed in the classroom setting.  It is understood that in "social studies" and "world culture" classrooms, discussion on belief systems is expected and appropriate. Teachers are to use discretion as to age appropriateness on the subject.


Teacher's receive FIRST ENROLLMENT benefits, FIRST to receive available scholarship funds for deeper discounts, FIRST considered for future teaching positions and permitted occasional drop-off benefits when needed from time to time without charge. Our teachers are our "VIP" members and are to be treated with utmost respect and courtesy from our families. They spend many hours per week preparing for classes and managing classrooms. To PAY teachers for the services our volunteers provide would result in triple tuition fees. Without our volunteers, there are NO Network Days. 


Our teachers are NOT held to contract outside of the semester's commitment and hold the rights to all of their proprietary teaching materials and methods. Teachers are NOT held under "non compete" contracts and are encouraged to participate in other homeschool groups as desired. We believe in bettering the lives of ALL homeschool families and invest in our teacher's training and education. Teachers may NOT disclose proprietary information of Choice Education Network, Inc or those of other teachers on campus.

Click here to  CONTACT THE DIRECTOR if you'd like to be considered for a teaching position.



ENROLLMENT PERIODS: Due to the nature of how we operate, our enrollment/registration links are generally not ready more than 60 days from our first week of classes.  Currently enrolled Network Day families receive early registration benefits after teachers are registered. New families on BAND receive early notification before links go live to the general public.  We encourage new families to join us on BAND APP by clicker HERE!

Generally, Fall Registration opens just after 4th of July Holidays.  Spring Registration Opens mid December and Summer Camp registrations start opening throughout the month of April.

Semester Registration Fee PER STUDENT:

$40.00, due at the time of enrollment and are nonrefundable. Capped at $120 per family

NO registration fees are charged for summer camps.

NO annual membership fees.

NO memberships required for participation.

NO minimum participation required.

We aim for flexibility and custom schedules.

CO-OP Standard Tuition Rates: 

$50 per class, per student, per semester.  All classes are available a le carte as a single class registration. Assuming only standard classes are chosen (no Network Partners, Production or Academy), your child can participate in four classes weekly for only $200 per semester! That's less than $20 per week for quality classes. Co-op prices are for families where an adult is staying on campus and available to assist with day-to-day needs such as classroom assistance, cleaning, set-up and break-down needs and childcare assistance.  If you are NOT willing or able to assist on campus, your family is considered a "drop-off" family whether or not you choose to stay on campus. A minimum of 2 working hours per week are required to qualify for co-op rates. You'll be able to choose your areas of assistance on a first come first served basis each day or decide which jobs you'd like during your family interview. When needed, the director may implement a "Rotating Chore Chart" to more equally share the task loads. Our director will MANUALLY REGISTER/Adjust rates once "jobs" have been assigned or during your family's enrollment interview. Online registration shows only drop-off rates.  New families are required to complete an enrollment interview with the director prior to first week of classes. Schedule your interview now by clicking here.


DOUBLE CHECK YOU ARE IN THE "NETWORK" LOCATION when choosing your classes. Academy courses are also visible and offer a different price bracket for those services.  Use the filter settings to sort by "location." All classes are held at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale. "Location" is our software's language to distinguish different programs and not necessarily a separate physical location.



$90 per class, per student, per semester ($360 for the 12-week semester if enrolled a full day) Prices include cost of additional insurance policies and added staff for proper supervision and youth safety protocols. Parents are not expected to be on site or to take part in community "chores" when paying the drop-off ratesOnline registration shows only drop-off rates. New families are required to complete an enrollment interview prior to their first day on campus. Schedule your interview now by clicking here.


DOUBLE CHECK YOU ARE IN THE "NETWORK" LOCATION when choosing your classes. Academy courses are also visible and offer a different price bracket for those services.  Use the filter settings to sort by "location." All classes are held at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale. "Location" is our software's language to distinguish different programs and not necessarily a separate physical location.


PRODUCTION (Choirs & Production Level Courses) 

CLASS TUITION FEES: $50- $150 per class, per student, per semester.  Does NOT include uniform, costume, props, recording, and/or travel fees, etc. These are billed separate and as needed/applicable. Needs change from season to season and production to production  Attend production meetings/open house events for the semester's anticipated fees for these courses. Our directors are very mindful of budgets and plan accordingly. Fundraising opportunities are also booked each semester to help fund "extras" each year. 

**Note: Tuition Fees cover business expenses - rent, insurance, janitorial, website, advertisements, admin management platforms, etc - and provide the baseline budget for supplies.  Depending on enrollment and level of financial aid requests, we may require families to help cover additional supply needs.  The more enrollments we have, the less we need to charge/ask for more. **


DOUBLE CHECK YOU ARE IN THE "NETWORK" LOCATION when choosing your classes. Academy courses are also visible and offer a different price bracket for those services.  Use the filter settings to sort by "location." All classes are held at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale. "Location" is our software's language to distinguish different programs and not necessarily a separate physical location.


We strive to bring in local businesses each semester to offer specialized courses at discounted rates.  This is a mutually beneficial program that allows exposure for local businesses to potential new clients while offering interesting and new classes to our Network Day selections taught by professionals in their field. Win-win!  


We are pleased to have FAYETTEVILLE MARTIAL ARTS and ELITE DANCE STUDIOS on campus with us! 


ADDITIONAL FEES: Both are offering classes at only $75 for the 12 week unit ($25/month) plus applicable uniform/registration fees. Families are encouraged to try out these deeply discounted programs before enrolling at full price at their business locations. What a wonderful way to allow a child to explore a class or just consolidate trips out of the house and save parents on tuition fees!


Both Fayetteville Martial Arts and Elite Dance Studios offer scholarship and financial aid options. See their site for information.


NETWORK PARTNER ENROLLMENTS: Families will ENROLL TWICE. Once on Choice Education schedule to pay the $50 standard course fee to reserve your space (our fees cover insurance and rent) and then our Network Partners will be given the roster to send appropriate links to finish the registration process by adding you to THEIR client lists and you'll pay them directly for their fees.  All who are on Choice Ed rosters are "registered" and their spot is secured. Please have patience while our network partners release their links. 

Can I participate in a Network Partner class and NOT enroll with Choice Education Network?

Yes, IF space is available.  Once our semester has begun, any open spots are available for our Network Partners to enroll students at their discretion to fill remaining seats starting in week 2 of the semester. Typically, these classes fill from our enrolled community. 


Classes listed in our Academy are NOT Network "co-op" programs and do not qualify for Network Day rates.  Please use the "filter" tools when looking for classes to ensure you're enrolling into "NETWORK" programing vs "ACADEMY" programming. Learn more about our Academy Classes launching Fall 2022 by clicking here. 

How can I off-set costs?


Teachers are offered discounted rates according to the number of classes taught/volunteer hours and financial aid needed and as negotiated case by case with the director. Those wishing to volunteer may contact the Network Director here to see where volunteers are needed both in and out of the classroom setting.


ALL volunteers must pass criminal background checks, child maltreatment checks and participate in a teacher training briefing prior to entering the classroom setting and are subject to randomized drug testing.


Financial Aid Requests: Families may request financial aid, however, funding does not currently exist to offer discounted rates to those unable to volunteer. We are actively seeking grants, sponsors and fundraising opportunities for this purpose.


HSLDA COMPASSION GRANTS: Homeschool Legal Defense Association offers GRANTS to homeschool families who can show legitimate need for financial aid. The application process is LONG and DETAILED and requires multiple steps to completion. Families awarded grants may use funding to pay for SOME  qualifying tuition fees (core classes), technology, curriculum purchases, specialized tutoring and more.       


Make certain to read the "Prepare to Apply" section to ensure applications are filled out correctly as incomplete applications are not processed. The customer service line with HSLDA is wonderful and they are happy to assist you. Please do not contact Choice Education Network regarding this process, however, our Network Director is happy to act as one of the references to previously enrolled families with Choice Education Network, Inc., or verify enrollment on the current semester rosters. References for the HSLDA grants are meticulously checked and verified.


Do all my children need to be enrolled?


We offer classes for youth grades K-12. It is preferred that all students be enrolled while on campus; however, we do allow parents to supervise their own children on campus while siblings are in classes.


We have limited space where families/siblings can be during class times if not attending or assisting in classrooms.  Please speak with our Director if financial assistance is needed to help all children attend classes or to arrange for a study hall space to work with your child(ren). Our receptionist will have a list of empty rooms each hour that are available for families to use as a study hall.


It is inappropriate for families to "opt out" of class periods to meet up with others on campus to start their own "class." We have a few small study rooms available to bring your own homework. We do NOT consider tutoring/assisting each other with homework a "class" and DO encourage families to help one another thrive in homeschool.


The gym is set up for classes in one half (stage side) and tables and chairs in the other half. Parents may be here but please be respectful of classes in session and keep noise to a minimum. 

Parents with toddlers/littles ages four and under may come to the child care room (drop off child care is offered only to our teachers and class assistants). Toys and activities are available as well as a quiet room for nappers and/or nursing mothers looking for a quiet place. There are no enrollment fees for families using this space. Please work together to keep it tidy and help our child care workers as you can.