Network Days (Thursdays)

at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale, AR

Kids Running
Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Thank you to our hosts, Elmdale Baptist Church, for providing us a beautiful and spacious place to meet.



Download our PDF Schedule for easier viewing, please read our enrollment instructions on our "Enroll Now" Page




Choice Education Network, Inc offers "NETWORK DAYS" where families may pay monthly flat rates to attend one or more classes with options the whole family can enjoy!  With no long term commitments or contracts, families may participate on a semester by semester basis and most classes are available for a "preview/trial" by appointment only. Semesters run 12 weeks in the Spring and 12 weeks in the Fall with mini sessions available in the summer.

We network with local businesses to bring special classes & workshops to our community. Our activities committee works to schedule special events and outings that are open first, to our Network Day families and then to the general homeschool community (additional fees may apply to some field trips). Park meet-ups and general gatherings are typically open to anyone available and wanting to meet.

Each semester a combination of volunteers and network partners work together to offer a variety of classes to help supplement and support our homeschool and virtual school students while providing an opportunity for parents to connect. We combine the "power of co-op" with the advantages of being a nonprofit organization to find balance in providing affordable options to our community. 

Spring 2021 Pricing:

Family Facility Fee (Per Semester): $60.00 per family, non refundable after January 21st.

General Student Supply Fee (Per Semester): $10.00 per enrolled student, non refundable after January 21st.

Monthly Tuition Rates:

$80 for families with up to 3 enrolled students (billed in full at $240 with 3-pay installments permitted);

$100 for families with 4-6 enrolled students (billed in full at $300 with 3-pay installments permitted);

$120 for families with 7 or more enrolled students (billed in full at $360 with 3-Pay installments permitted).

Tuition is only charged for sessions in which Network Day classes are offered.  Spring 2021 session is February 4th - April 29th (advanced choirs and drama productions may have performances through May 15th). Spring break week is March 22.

When are fees due?

Facility and supply fees are due TWO WEEKS BEFORE your student's first scheduled class or at the time of enrollment. Spring 2021 is due on January 21st for classes starting February 4th or due at time of enrollment for students enrolling on or after January 21st. Facility and supply fees are NON REFUNDABLE after January 21st.

NOTICE REGARDING FEES: Our facility and general supply fees provide the budget to START our programs, but do not provide budget to cover all supplies for 12 weeks. Please watch for Sign Up Genius supply list to help fulfill additional needs.

Choir and drama classes have their MAXIMUM supply fees listed in class descriptions and this fee will be added upon enrollment. Please wait to pay these additional fees until classes have begun as participation greatly affects the total supply cost (the more participation, the LOWER the material fees). Choir and drama programs have minimum participation enrollment of 8 and fees are listed using our minimum enrollment needs. 

As a general rule, as participation in our programs increase, our tuition fees cover the extra supply/material and facility costs more easily. So ... the more families participating the less our families need to pay and eventually "extra" fees are absorbed.

Divide your total fees by 12 weeks and you'll find that you can't beat our rates for your ENTIRE family to participate in up to 5 hours of quality community classes and activities your children will love.

In addition to Network Days, Choice Education Network, Inc offers meet-ups, social events and field trip opportunities "at cost" to all homeschoolers. (Meaning if it doesn't cost US anything, it won't cost YOU anything for these extra activities).  Our admis work hard to find the best QUALITY deals for our families.  If it's not "good enough" for our family, it's not "good enough" for yours.

Monthly tuition

While monthly installments are permitted, the expectation is that families will complete the 12 week session. We offer three participation levels (outlined above). Fees are billed upfront for the full 12 weeks and allow families to make "partial payments" or "installments" each month in their parent portal. Accounts are expected to be paid in full by week 9. Please contact our administrators if alternate payment dates are needed. 

During C19 restrictions where "shut downs" are possible, we discourage families from paying tuition "in full" at this time. Please pay facility and supply fees in full and make your monthly installments for tuition either in person or through the parent portal. Families may elect to have their credit/debit/ACH account billed automatically upon request.


We anticipate families will stay for the full 12 week semester. Once the first class has met and rosters are solidified, budgets are dispersed and teachers are given their budgets for classroom planning. In the event your family wishes to discontinue classes, please let our administrators know as soon as possible.  We cannot offer tuition refunds and will ask families to complete their financial obligations to the best of their abilities.

As a nonprofit organization, our fees are structured according to our needs and anticipated participation.  Funds are not permitted to be used as "bonuses" to staff, volunteers, etc. and ALL funds support our organizational needs. 

How long are Network Days?

Spring 2021 schedule will offer a 5 hour community day (10am-12pm class blocks, 12-1pm community lunch, 1pm-3pm class blocks). Families may participate in as many, or as few, classes as they desire for the monthly rate as space is available. 

Class changes after the first week must be approved by an administrator. Auditing/Trial classes are approved by administrators on a case by case basis. 

Registration/Enrollment Period:

Current families always receive pre-registration benefits before allowing new enrollments.

Spring registration will begin January 8th for new families with our classes running from February 4th - April 29th with Spring Break week scheduled the week of March 22nd making a 12-week semester.

Please note that Advanced Choirs and Drama Production classes have EXTENDED semesters. Read descriptions fully before enrolling and contact our administrators with questions.


Be sure to subscribe to our site for updates as classes fill quickly and space is limited. Current families will receive REMIND and Email notifications for early registration. An emailed newsletter will go out to site subscribers on January 8th and online enrollment will be active once the newsletter has been sent.

Preschool for age 3-5 &
K4-1st Grade Multi-Sensory Classroom

Our dedicated classroom space for our students ages 3-5 & K4-1st grade are filled with tactile lessons in Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Art, Sensorial and Practical Living lessons. Inspired by the Montessori and Orton-Gillingham methods, students will be lead through lessons and given "free explore" time each week. 

Music in Motion (general music0, art and PE are included in this classroom schedule.

Classroom orientation is recommended before your child's first day of classes to the K4-1st grade "Children's House." Parents are required to work as classroom helpers at least once per month either IN the classroom or as curriculum support. 

2nd - 3rd Grade Multi-Sensory Classroom

Our dedicated classroom space for our students ages 7-9 is filled with tactile lessons in Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Art, Sensorial and Practical Living lessons. Inspired by the Montessori and Orton-Gillingham methods, students will be lead through lessons and given "free explore" time each week. 

Intro in to research, "public speaking" through class presentations and team building through cooperative play challenges are introduced throughout the year.

Music in Motion (general music) and art and PE are included in the afternoon block for this classroom.


Parents are required to work as classroom helpers at least once per month either IN the classroom or as curriculum support. 

4th - 12th Grade Class Rotations

Students in grades 4-12 are able to enroll in multiple class options throughout the day.  Once classes have begun, switching programs requires administrative approvals.

SPRING 2021 Tentative Classes (pending teachers; VOLUNTEER to teach!):

  • Readers Theater/ Intro to Drama (no audition required; semester showcase available)​

  • Cooperative Room/ Odyssey of the Mind: STEM Challenges, Escape Rooms, Cooperative Play games, activities and more. This class is designed to meet the social needs while still providing a structured environment. Everything from board games to group projects are found in the Cooperative Room. Check out Odyssey of the mind here

  • Network Partner Sponsored Martial Arts: Fayetteville Martial Arts has agreed to lead Taekwondo classes again for Spring 2021 for discounted monthly rates! 

  • The Human Body: Anatomy and Systems of the Body; Basic First Aid & CPR; Intro to health and nutrition and more! 

  • 4H Club & Projects classes to help students achieve their 4H goals. The 3rd Friday of the month are when our "official" meetings are held from 10:30-12:00pm (beginning in February, school calendar TBA)  

    • During NETWORK DAYS look for our project classroom where we have revamped our Primitive Skills class to better align with projects accepted in various scouting and 4H organizations. Volunteers are available to help students work towards completing their chosen projects. Official meetings are open to any 4H members as an official 4H activity. Students must be enrolled in Choice Education Network Days to participate  in our project classroom and other support classes.

  • Digital and Medial Arts

  • Legacy Concert Choir (audition required) addition music fees and conert attire apply

  • Vivace and Virtuoso Advanced Choirs (audition required) additional music fees and concert attire apply

  • Writing Lab

  • Drama Production grades 4-12 (audition required)

January 14th  Choir and Drama Audition  Sign Ups HERE


Field Trips and Special Events

Our volunteer Activities Committee is responsible for scheduling meet-ups, field trips, holiday events and more.(Let us know if you'd like to help on the committee).


Activities where space is limited are offered to our actively enrolled families FIRST (Network Days and any other paid service/class) before released to the general homeschool community for participation.


We encourage networking and want our activities to include as many homeschoolers and virtual schoolers as possible through the year. 


Events to look forward to:

- Seasonal gatherings

- Evening of Excellence (Student Showcase)

- Spring Graduation

- Community Service Projects

- Mom's night

- and more!

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