Network Days (Thursdays)

at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale, AR

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Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Welcome to NETWORK DAYS!

How it Works:

Classes listed on our Network Day schedule are offered at a flat BASE RATE/ "MEMBERSHIP" RATE PER STUDENT per semester. Families may enroll their child(ren) in as few or as many classes for one flat rate per student (Student "membership" instead of paying a price per class.  These classes are made possible due to the generosity of our Network Day VOLUNTEER teachers and contributions from our community supporters. There are NO annual memberships to participate in Network Days.  With exception of a few courses, classes are completed within the 12 week semester. Flexible options allow families to participate by the semester to better fit the ever changing needs of the unique homeschool world.


Fees cover all standard business expenses (insurance, rent, utiilities, janitorial needs, website, graphic design, administrative management platforms, advertisement costs, etc) and provide a baseline budget for supplies to kick off the semester.  Families are asked to help provide specific supply requests from our Supply Sign Up Form to help cover what our base tution rate cannot.  Please check this form as we draw nearer to our start dates as teachers are still determining supply needs. Some semesters, the director(s) may recieve "payroll compensation," as approved by the Board of Directors, when all necessary costs can be covered. Directors work knowing that many hours will be volunteered on behalf of the community and salaries (if paid) will fall far under minimum wage compared to "hours worked."

Thousands of volunteer hours are worked "behind the scenes" each semester to make these courses available to our homeschool community. To the many families and organizations who work in support of our efforts each year, "THANK YOU." 


Network Days are intended to be FAMILY events and not a drop-off serivce.  We depend on our parents to help supervise the campus and to be available to attend to any "disciplinary action" that may be arise in regards to their own children.  A parent or responsible caregiver/ADULT (not older sibling) must be on campus at all times for students in our preschool to 3rd grade programs. NO EXCEPTIONS for this age group. Drop-off is permitted on a case by case basis at the complete descretion of the Network Director for youth in 4th-12th grade that have been previously enrolled with Choice Education Network, Inc with no prior disciplinary concerns in the previous semester.  It is preferred that another parent on campus be listed as your child's supervising adult vs drop-off. Youth who have been dropped off without prior approvals will have their parent called for immediate pick-up.  Repeat drop-offs without approvals/alternate supervision arranged will result in withdrawl from our programs without refund. 

Fall 2021 Fees:



SEMESTER TUITION: $200 per student.  May be paid in full in opt into our 3-pay automatic draft.


Regrettably, our fees have restructured unexpectedly this year due to substancial price increases to basic and required business needs (insurance, material costs, space, etc) that are outside of our control. We are unable to offer family flat rate plans under our new financial load and, at this time, sibling discounts are not available. While we are quite excited to be able to offer these programs at just around $17 per week per student, we understand wholeheartedly the impact our rate changes will have on many families. 



How can I off-set costs?

Teachers are offered discounted rates according to the number of classes taught/volunteer hours and financial aid needed and as negotiated case by case with the director. Those wishing to volunteer may contact the Network Director here to see where volunteers are needed both in and out of the classroom setting. ALL volunteers must pass criminal background checks, child maltreatment checks and participate in a teacher training briefing prior to entering the classroom setting and are subject to randomized drug testing.


Financial Aid Requests: Families may request financial aid, however, funding does not currently exist to offer discounted rates to those unable to volunteer. We are actively seeking grants, sponosors and fundraising opportunities for this purpose.


HSLDA COMPASSION GRANTS: Homeschool Legal Defense Association offers GRANTS to homeschool families who can show legitimate need for financial aid. The application process is LONG and DETAILED and requires multiple steps to completion. Families awarded grants may use funding to pay for SOME  qualifying tuition fees (core classes), technology, curriculum purchases, specialized tutoring and more.       


Make certain to read the "Prepare to Apply" section to ensure applications are filled out correctly as incomplete applications are not processed. The customer serivce line with HSLDA is wonderful and they are happy to assist you. Please do not contact Choice Education Network regarding this process, however, our Network Director is happy to act as one of the references to previously enrollmed families with Choice Education Network, Inc. References for the HSLDA grants are maticulously checked and verified.



While most classes on the schedule are included in the base rate, some classes, such as our Choral Programs, Theater Prodcutions, NETWORK PARTNER Classes, etc., have an additional fee to participate. Please read class descriptions carefully for further instructions.


We strive to bring in local businesses each semester to offer specialized courses at discounted rates.  This is a mutually beneficial program that allows exposure for local businesses to potential new clients while offering interesting and new classes to our Network Day selections. Win-win!


Fall 2021, we are pleased to have FAYETTEVILLE MARTIAL ARTS back for their third semester and welcoming back ELITE DANCE STUDIOS for their second semester. Both are offering classes at only $25/month per student! Families are encouraged to try out these deeply discounted programs before enrolling at full price at their business locations. Both Fayetteville Martial Arts and Elite Dance Studios offer scholarship and financial aid options. Links to their scholarship applicaitons will BE UPDATED BY JULY 20, 2021 for Fall season. However, feel free to reach out driectly to these busineses for information. Families will enroll DIRECTLY with our Network Partners and pay class fees via their online processing links. DO NOT PAY Choice Education Network, Inc for these courses. Students who are already members of these establishments may participate at the teacher's descretion and terms. 


Some programs require a Fall and Spring Semester commitment to participate.  For the 2021-2022 school year ADVANCED CHOIRS (Vivace Chorus; Virtuoso Chorus) and YEAR BOOK Committee are school year commitment courses AND require work outside of their alloted classtime each week.  Please DO NOT enroll into these courses if your family is uncertain of spring semester participation. Likewise, if you feel these are courses your children would want to participate in during the spring, note that these classes will be CLOSED to new students after September 16, 2021 until the following school year/next season


In the case of the chroal program, many festivals and performance opportunities begin to open up as early as February, making it nearly impossible to start new music or integrate new voices mid-school year.  Yearbook comittee will be working on gathering photogrphy and learning to edit and format during the fall and will work to fine tune their skills and complie their finished work in the spring. Please be respectful of the time commitment of our teachers and fellow classmates by giving full consideration to the time commitment of these programs. 


Preschool for age 3-4 &
K-1st Grade Multi-Sensory Classroom "Lightheart Children's House"

Our dedicated classroom space for our students ages 3-5 & K-1st grade are filled with tactile lessons in Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, Art, Sensorial and Practical Living lessons. Inspired by the Montessori and Orton-Gillingham methods, students will be lead through lessons and given "free explore" time each week. 

Music in Motion (general music) & art  are included in this classroom schedule.

Classroom orientation is recommended before your child's first day of classes to the K-1st grade "Lightheart Children's House."


Parents are asked to volunteer as class moms/dads from time to time to assist with special projects and groups. 

2nd - 3rd Grade Classroom

Our dedicated classroom space for our students ages 7-9 allows our young students to stay in one location as our teachers travel to THEM. 2nd-3rd graders are generally able to participate in Network Partner classes such as Taekwondo and Dance (for an additional fee). 

Music in Motion (general music), Art and Science/STEM elements are always included in their schedule. Our lead teachers are encouraged to bring to the classroom subjects for which they are most passionate in teaching - geophrahy, history, science, hand crafts, instruments, etc making each semester fresh and new.


Parents are asked to volunteer as classroom helpers from time to time to assist with special projects and group work. 

4th - 12th Grade Class Rotations

Students in grades 4-12 are able to enroll in multiple class options throughout the day for a completly cusomized schedule.  Once classes have begun, switching programs requires administrative AND TEACHER approvals.

Fall 2021  Classes (pending teachers; VOLUNTEER to teach!):​​

  • Network Partner Sponsored Martial Arts: Fayetteville Martial Arts has agreed to lead Taekwondo classes again for Fall 2021 for discounted monthly rates! 

  • Network Partner Sponsored DANCE: Elite Dance Studios is bringing Dance for Musical Theater and Intro to Dance to our schedule this year for discounted monthly rates! 

  • Readers Theater / Audio Acting: (no audition required; semester showcase available)​

  • CIVICS/US Government

  • Machine Sewing (novice, beginning projects and Mommy & Me class)


  • Legacy Concert Choir (audition required) addition music fees and conert attire fees apply

  • Vivace and Virtuoso Advanced Choirs (audition required) additional music fees and concert attire fee apply. FALL AND SPRING ENROLLMENT REQUIRED!

  • Writing Labs for middle school and high school

  • ART: Intermediate to Advanced techniques (multiple medias available)

  • Countries & Cultures: Handcrafts, art, food and more from around the world.

  • Junk Drawer Robotics & STEM Challenge

  • Primitive Skills for Modern Times

  • Intro to Photography:  Storytelling through Photography

CLUBS - sign up during Open House or anytime during the year!

  • 4H Club "The Clover Crew" meets 3rd THURSDAYS at 3:30 (say that 10 times fast), starting in September. New members welcome!

  • FILM CLUB: Join the Roster! Groups will meet up on various days at Fayetteville Public Access TV

  • ROBOTICS CLUB: Join the Roster! Groups will meet up on various days at the Springdale Robotics Center

  • ARCHERY - is no longer offered as a "Choice Education Network" club or class. OUTDOOR AMERICA in Springdale is willing to negotiate rates and times to accomodate group settings. 

  • GLEE CLUB/Show Choir Lite: Join the Roster! Groups will meet up on various days.

  • Want to start a club? Let our Director know.


Field Trips and Special Events

Our volunteer Activities Committee is responsible for scheduling meet-ups, field trips, holiday events and more.(Let us know if you'd like to help on the committee).


Activities where space is limited are offered to our actively enrolled families FIRST (Network Days and any other paid service/class) before released to the general homeschool community for participation.


We encourage networking and want our activities to include as many homeschoolers and virtual schoolers as possible through the year. 


Events to look forward to:

- Seasonal gatherings

- Semester Student Showcases

- Spring Graduation

- Community Service Projects

- Mom's night

- Meet-ups

- Field Trips

- and more!

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View our WORKING SCHEDULE here.  Until registration links go live (by July 5th), all class offerings and times are subject to change.  This schedule is provided as a "sneak peek" preview of what is currently on the schedule.  Registration announcements will be sent via EMAIL to current site subscribers, posted to our public Facebook page @ChoiceEdNetwork and sent to previously enrolled families still on our REMIND app.

Traditionally, classes fill within two weeks of posting registation links. Wait listed families will be contacted the moment a space becomes available.