Montessori Inspired Classrooms

(working towards AMS certified classroom)


Starting Sept 10, 2020

Welcome Mary Lightheart as a new Network Day Montessori consultant and parent/teacher trainer! Thank you for your generous support in handing down traditions of the Montessori philosophy of honoring the light of children. We are blessed to have you in our community.

We are thrilled to make available some of the beautiful tactile lessons of the Montessori classroom complete with the many years experience of our certified Montessori guide, Mary Lightheart. We are seeking sponsors to help us outfit our classrooms with needed supplies to begin our AMS (American Montessori Society) certification and bring the full benefits of the Montessori methods to our community.

We look forward to providing a sampling of what we hope will become a full time resource classroom for all NWA Families providing quality materials for a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Spring 2021 Update:

Elmdale Baptist Church has offered a generous DEDICATED SPACE to allow our classroom to expand. Amy Chiodo will be leading the 4-7 year old classroom this semester under mentorship of Mary Lightheart as she works towards certification. We welcome and encourage parents to come and work alongside their child.


10:00: Gathering Time - We'll enjoy simple songs, read alouds, and provide a chance for "show and tell/presentation" type sharing activities. This is also the time any new/special materials are introduced and children learn how to use and care for the item(s). 

10:30 - 12:00: We will have "centers" containing many hands on activities in language arts, writing/cursive, math/math games, science/nature studies, US history, continents and geography, sensorial lessons, general art and a featured craft/art project and practical life skills available. 


Special themes will be brought into the classroom to help simplify the amount of materials packed in and out each week/month. Children are encouraged to complete activities and lessons from each center at every class.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED! While this classroom can accommodate up to 45 children, enrollment will depend on the level of parent help. We work for a minimum of 1:10 rations at all times.

SPONSOR OUR CLASSROOMS: $100,000 Fundraising Goal:


$35,000 Complete Primary Classroom materials and furniture for ages 3-6

$45, 000 Complete Lower Elementary materials and furniture for grades 1-3

$20,000 First Year's Estimated Rent and Utility Fees

Contact Amy Chiodo to arrange a tour and talk more about how your contributions could serve our community.

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