Drama & Script Writing

No audition necessary to join in! This class will work on one-acts, duet-acting, storytelling, monologues and more as we work towards a semester end showcase. Students will even try their hand and script writing and directing their own sketch!

Generally, classes would run for the semester. This fall, we are allowing month to month enrollments. While we understand much can happen, we hope you'll stay for as long as in-person classes are offered. Please register in advance so our teachers can better prepare materials for the expected participants. We will assume students will return each month unless specifically told otherwise.

Classes begin Thursday, September 10th at 1:00pm at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale!


Open to  grades 4-12. Younger roles will be by invitation only by our director if applicable.

Auditions for parts will be held in class or assigned by the teacher. The focus of this class is the PROCESS of theater production and having a good time as we work through memorization, character acting, character singing/dancing (if there's a musical involved), set design, costumes and more! We hope to offer a full length production class in the spring when covid restriction - we hope - will allow longer commitments from our families.



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