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Hybrid School

Fall 2023


Now interviewing and registering for Fall 2023! All enrollment is completed in person.  Email our director, Amy Chiodo, for an appointment.

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Semester Fees:

Registration/Enrollment Fee: $100, nonrefundable


Tuition: $1800 (monthly payments of $450 accepted August - November)


Multi-Student tuition : $1200 per student (monthly payments of $300 accepted August - November)


Tuition includes classroom copies of student workbooks.


Hybrid programs include 2 days in the hybrid classroom with tutors/guides instructing in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, music, art, writing and special topics as determined by the currently enrolled families such as foreign languages, robotics, computer sciences, etc.


Families may also elect, at no additional fee, to attend our optional 3rd day in the classroom as a "home room" or "study hall" on Thursdays from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm and are encouraged to participate in our Network Days programs for additional elective and social opportunities.


High School courses are offered course by course and allow for partial enrollment. Contact our director to build your custom high school schedule.

Fall 2023 High School Courses TBD


Class Days & Times:


Tuesdays and Wednesday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

At this time, early drop-off and extended stay are not available.

August 15th - December 13th, 2023. 

Scheduled Breaks: October 3rd-5th & Week of Thanksgiving

NO annual commitment.

However, it is assumed families intend to continue for the spring semester. Separate registration for spring opens in November for classes resuming mid January.

Single-day enrollments are not encouraged and acceptance to the program will preference full time students. Families seeking single-day enrollments may be waitlisted until July.


Optional study hall / home room space:

Thursdays 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, drop-off and pick up from our hybrid location.

Network Day programs are offered 12 weeks each semester (break October 5th). Many students choose these programs for electives and opportunity to socialize with a larger community. Our classroom is available to hybrid students as a "home room" or study hall environment to more easily facilitate coming and going to these elective classes. Students register separately for Network Days (pay separately) and may float from our hybrid homeroom to Network Day courses on the main campus.


Homeschooling and alternative education needs looks different in every household. The purpose of our program is to provide curriculum support and consistency in learning for core subjects in reading, writing and mathematics while also providing a social environment for students to engage in meaningful and educational activities in elective subjects.


Hybrid school does not replace the role of the parent as the responsible and primary educator in the home. Hybrid school is not a private school or intended to take the place of a public, private or charter school option. Hybrid school is more closely aligned with an enrichment program or "tutoring" service. 


Arkansas State "Intent to Enroll"  homeschooling form is required for families choosing to homeschool while utilizing our hybrid programs.

Our hybrid program is ideal for:


1. Families looking for core subject support. Reading/language arts, math, writing and science.

2. Parents needing part time, in-class options due to work, home or other scheduling/life conflicts that ensures meaningful work is accessible and facilitated consistently.

3. Youth looking for classroom/ social experiences that allow a wide range of subjects while still leaving the parent as the primary educator.

4. Any household looking for opportunities to enhance, support or supplement their homeschool with an unique classroom experience and access to multi-sensory learning opportunities. 


Families may provide their own curriculum and/or take advantage of authentic as well as Montessori-inspired lessons curated for the classroom. Materials rotate according to the need and ages in the hybrid program.


Choice Education Network, Inc will default to Logic of English (LOE)Math-U-See (MUS)  and Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) for students not bringing their materials from home. These curricula provide easy "benchmark" learning in the classroom and provide an easy transition in and out of the classroom setting with continuity of instruction and language. Families choosing to continue lessons in the home utilizing LOE, MUS and IEW curriculum will see a near seamless transition from class to home when following the curriculum guidelines.  Alternative options are available and are discussed in the registration interview.


Families are required to obtain their own teachers manuals and student workbooks for home use if they plan to continue lessons in the home. it is assumed that families will "educate their own way" outside of the hybrid classroom. Guides will provide suggested at-home review work upon request or as agreed upon during the enrollment process.. 


Montessori, Logic of English and Math U See are Orton-Gillingham learning models and work well for students requiring the multi-sensory approach to learning


Most children and especially those with "learning different" needs, THRIVE in multi-sensory learning environments where movement and the freedom to explore are all part of the classroom experience. 


In short, they are not. Children are unable to progress to the next skill without first mastering their current skill/lesson. Assessments in the K-3 environment occur naturally within the lessons. Grades 4th + will complete assessments and tests as instructed in the curriculum and results sent to parents.  Final grades are determined by the parent for their homeschool records.


Our classroom will use BAND APP where access to photos, digital lesson materials, calendar and chat features are all available.  Individual reports can be sent by request and as agreed upon during the enrollment interview. 


Enrollment is by interview only.  Please CALL or EMAIL our director for an assessment/placement evaluation and to complete registration. "Grade levels" are not verbalized in the classroom.

K-3 Students: Complete the assessments for Logic of English and Math-U-See PRIOR to your interview.  PLEASE PRINT AND RETAIN THESE RESULTS as our teacher will need a copy.








9:00 am:

Drop-off begins.  Students set up for morning work and go to recess.


9:30 am:

Our day begins with a "morning meeting." New classroom lessons are introduced here as well as reviews of classroom etiquette and needs.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm:

Morning work cycle.  We aim to complete all reading, writing and math lessons in our morning cycle. 


Snacks/ breaks are taken as needed and are not held to specific times. 

12:00 - 12:45

Lunch and recess. Lunches are not provided. Students bring their meal and beverage from home.


Transition back to the classroom for afternoon work cycles 


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm:

Afternoon work cycle including group lessons in science, history, geography, art, music, etc. and continuation of morning work as needed.

3:00 pm

Classroom chores and prepare for pick up.

3:30 pm

Pick up.


Hands on lessons, great for multi sensory learners.


"Isolation of difficulties" makes learning new skills achievable at any age and level.


Cross curricular studies integrates art with geography, history and more.

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