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Choice Academy (Hybrid School)

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Fall 2023


Now interviewing and registering for Fall 2023! All enrollment is completed in person.  Email our director, Amy Chiodo, for an appointment.

**Limited financial scholarships available. Contact the director if your family requires assistance.**

Additional hybrid benefits include drop-off privileges to Network Day (registration and tuition fees still apply) and FREE enrollment to NWA Homeschool Choir. Contact our director if you would like to take advantage of these benefits.

2nd Grade - 8th Grade Semester Fees:

Registration/Enrollment Fee: $100, nonrefundable


Tuition: $1800 (monthly payments of $450 accepted August - November)


Multi-Student tuition : $1200 per student (monthly payments of $300 accepted August - November)

Need Financial Aid? Contact Amy Chiodo for current scholarship opportunities. Try HSLDA Compassion Grants.


Tuition includes instruction from knowledgable and experienced tutors and basic class supplies. Families are required to purchase necessary books to complete all courses in which your student is enrolled. Speak with our director regarding used book sales and sibling sets. FALL 2023 BOOK LIST Grades 3-6 ; BOOK LIST Grades 7-12.

Hybrid programs include 2 days in the hybrid classroom with tutors/guides instructing in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, geography, music, art, writing and special topics as determined by the currently enrolled families such as foreign languages, robotics, computer sciences, etc. See the current schedule posted above.

High School courses are offered course by course OR at a monthly flat rate if enrolling in multiple classes. Contact our director to build your custom high school schedule.  Registration is open ONLINE for these courses on an a le carte basis. 

Fall 2023 High School Courses: 



9am Breakfast Club / Bright Minds & Executive Function Skills ($125)

9:30 Study Hall / Homework Help / Prep Hour included with Breakfast Club.

11:00am  IEW Advanced US History Based Writing and Literature ($250 plus books)

12pm Lunch

1pm Algebra I ($250 plus books)

2pm Art History and Technique ($250) plus a sketch book of choice.


9am 9am Breakfast Club / Bright Minds & Executive Function Skills ($125)

9:30 US Civics & Government ($250)

10:30am Study Hall / Homework Help/ Prep Hour

**11am Option to take Apologia General Science (grades 6-8) ($250 plus books)

** no additional tuition cost for High School aged students to take this course, pay only book fees**

12 pm Lunch

1pm Chemistry, Apologia with Masters in Laboratory Sciences, Dr Pilar Carter,  ($250 plus books)

2pm Entrepreneurial Workshops ($250 plus access to laptop or tablet) 

Class Days & Times:

Tuesdays and Wednesday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Contact the director if early drop off or extended day is needed. Additional fees may apply.

August 15th - December 15th, 2023. 

Scheduled Breaks:

October 3rd-5th

November 17th-30th

NO annual commitment.

It is assumed families will continue for the spring semester/school year as MOST curriculum require a full school year to complete.  


Separate registration for spring opens in November for classes resuming mid January, tuition is billed by the semester and not the full year. The price reflected is SEMESTER COST.

Families are billed in full for the semester and make monthly payments via our parent portal.

With the exception of High School students, single-day enrollments are not encouraged and acceptance to the program will preference full time students.



Homeschooling and alternative education needs looks different in every household. The purpose of our program is to provide curriculum support and consistency in learning for core subjects in reading, writing and mathematics while also providing a social environment for students to engage in meaningful and educational activities in elective subjects.

Hybrid school does not replace the role of the parent as the responsible and primary educator in the home. Hybrid school is not a private school or intended to take the place of a public, private or charter school option. Hybrid school is more closely aligned with an enrichment program or "tutoring" service. 


Arkansas State "Intent to Enroll"  homeschooling form is required for homeschool families choosing to utilize our hybrid programs.

Our hybrid program is ideal for:

1. Families looking for core subject support. Reading/language arts, math, writing and science.

2. Parents needing part time, in-class options due to work, home or other scheduling/life conflicts that ensures meaningful work is accessible and facilitated consistently.

3. Youth looking for classroom/ social experiences that allow a wide range of subjects while still leaving the parent as the primary educator.

4. Any household looking for opportunities to enhance, support or supplement their homeschool with an unique classroom experience and access to multi-sensory learning opportunities. 


In short, they are not.


Our hybrid platform is not a "school," but rather a support system offering instruction and tutoring in various core subjects of reading, writing, math, science, history, etc.  We are designed to assist the parent(s) in providing routines, consistent work ethics and expectations in finished work, a safe and encouraging learning environment, knowledgeable tutors and leads for the subjects offered and support, feedback and guidance specific to YOUR unique homeschool needs.

Please speak with our director or class instructor for questions regarding home supplementation requirements and recommendations. 


Our classroom will use BAND APP where access to photos, digital lesson materials, calendar and chat features.  Families will be invited to group once they have registered for courses.

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