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The NWA Homeschool Choir began in the fall of 2017 as a "hobby choir" under the direction of Amy Chiodo. "I was anticipating a small ensemble of maybe a dozen singers, but with the right connections we quickly grew to a full 30+ member choir!"  Seeing the need and desire for choral programs for homeschoolers we set to work finding a qualified and experienced choral director who could provide a top notch experience for our youth and progress our "hobby choir" into a legitimate "choral department."

Our homeschool choirs are now led by STACEY FUCHS of SMF Music Studios as a Network Partner offering and provides many levels of participation for our Kindergarten to High School students.

Bel Canto Children's Chorus is available for grades K-3 (4th) by audition/interview only. A semester commitment is required for participation and the class is intended as a "training choir" for Legacy Concert Choir.  Practice following a conductor, basics in choral singing, ear training, concert etiquette and more are taught and children learn foreign language songs, folk and more. Thursdays at 11 am.


Legacy Concert Choir audition only general/beginning choir for grades 4-12 with emphasis on local concerts and community service. This choir is intended for beginning to early intermediate singers and/or those unable to commit more than a semester at a time.  Like Bel Canto, Legacy is a training choir practicing fundamental elements of choral singing including basic note reading, ear training, following a conductor, introduction to harmony and more. Thursdays at 10 am.


Vivace Chorus for grades 6-12 is our audition only intermediate choir. This choir performs by invitation with the Virtuoso advanced chorus on special trips and recording sessions. Thursdays at 1pm

Virtuoso Chorus, for grades 6-12, is available by audition only and provides an late intermediate to early advanced choral setting where more experienced singers prepare for choir festivals, pre-shows in Branson and local festivals/events, recording sessions, etc. Thursdays 1-3 pm.


Vivace and Virtuoso choirs meet for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR and meet on a production schedule of their own (often starting and ending different from other Choice Education programs.)  In years where one age group may have less than 12 singers, the two combine to one ensemble for the year.

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