Legacy Concert Choir  &

Music in Motion General Music

The NWA Homeschool Choir began in the fall of 2017 as a "hobby choir" under the direction of Amy Chiodo. "I was anticipating a small ensemble of maybe a dozen singers, but with the right connections we quickly grew to a full 30+ member choir!" Origin Church in Lowell graciously opened their doors to our budding program and provided the support we needed to build a solid foundation. We're growing and have big dreams to develop our own choral and music department for homeschoolers in Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas."


Our choirs are currently hosted by Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale under the direction of Stacey Fuchs.

Spring 2020 launches our new Music in Motion general music programs for grades K-2 and Grades 3-6 and the growth of our choir programs.  Legacy Concert Choir, formally known as the NWA Homeschool Choir, will continue as an audition only general choir for grades 3-12 with emphasis on local concerts and community service.


The addition of our new advanced choirs, Vivace Chorus for grades 4-8 and Virtuoso Chorus for grades 7-12, form as we have more experienced singers ready to take on more advanced music, prepare for choir festivals and competitions and raise funds for summer choir trips.  Read more about our traveling/advanced choirs here!

K-3 "Music in Motion" General Music

This fall, elements of our "Music in Motion" classes will be included in our K-2 Multi-Sensory Montessori influenced classrooms. Read more HERE.

Grades 3-6 "Music in Motion" 

Now a music class for our upper elementary and middle schoolers where exploring music through movement, play and composition encourage our musicians in an environment more suitable to their need to MOVE and create! Instrument play often throughout the semester with percussion and homemade instruments. (We are working to build an "Orff classroom" complete with beautiful xylophones and glockenspiels for our youth to enjoy! Please consider donations to our music classes.) Other instruments include ukulele, recorder and various percussion.

Update: Aug 9: Yes! We will have a Music in Motion "Lite" -- meaning SOME activities and instrument accessibility may be limited due to Covid!

Thursdays 1:00 - 2:00 PM, Starting September 10, 2020


New Price Structure for Fall 2020:

This class may be a "stand alone" class for $40 per month OR may be selected as part of our Network Day Family Flat Rate at $80 per month per family if additional classes/additional students are enrolled. NOTE: The Flat Rate will NOT reflect during your initial registration and will be adjusted in our back office by our administrators. ALL families are capped at $80/per month.

LEGACY CONCERT CHOIR: Audition Only, Grades 3-12

Our beginning to intermediate choir is open to all singers grades 3-12. This choir is two-fold in purpose, to provide a quality choral experience for our local homeschoolers and continue our mission to provide community service-based concerts throughout the year. Music is selected according to the ability of the choir ranging from beginning to intermediate levels. Legacy will perform at our benefit concerts and venues in and around Northwest Arkansas. Additional concert opportunities may arise throughout the year. Legacy meets once per week during the school year. Students accepted into Legacy Concert Choir are expected to enroll for the school year, though semester enrollments are permitted and must be pre-approved in advance.  FALL 2020 is allowing for month to month commitments with the assumptions that students are committing for the semester for as long as in-person classes are available. Tuition is $40 per month.


During COVID restrictions on travel, Legacy will take advantage of RECORDING and producing music videos and finding innovative ways to share their gift to lift others.

When: Thursdays, 11:00 AM starting September 10, 2020

Where: Elmdale Baptist Church Sanctuary, 1700 W Huntsville Ave., Springdale, Arkansas

Who: All singers grades 3-12 may audition for a place in our choir. 


New Price Structure for Fall 2020: This class may be a "stand alone" class for $40 per month OR may be selected as part of our Network Day Family Flat Rate at $80 per month per family if additional classes/additional students are enrolled. NOTE: The Flat Rate will NOT reflect during your initial registration and will be adjusted in our back office by our administrators. ALL families are capped at $80/per month. GENERALLY, Choir requires a semester to school year commitment. Due to covid, we are allowing month to month enrollments with the assumptions that students will return each month unless our host venue has been closed.

Additional Costs: 

We intend to RECORD both audio and video and present our polished singers in music video style. Recording costs will vary according to how many participate not to exceed $40 per FAMILY. The more families participating the lower this fee will be.


We will be ordering concert dresses and suits as we intend to find new and innovative ways to share our choir's hard work and beautiful music in the "virtual world." These videos will also serve as audition videos for future festivals and competitions. Concert attire for this choir will be the same each year, so the opportunity to trade sizes, order "as needed" and sell uniforms to other members is possible. We will hold fittings/measurements during our open house and place orders early in September. Concert Attire will not exceed $75 per performer. Closed toe black dress shoes and skin-toned tights/hose are required for our ladies and black dress shoes and black socks are required for our boys.

AUDITIONS: Our Director, Stacey Fuchs, will hold auditions during our open house event on Aug 20th Between 1:30 - 3:00 PM and by appointment. Contact Stacey Fuchs HERE, for additional questions or concerns or to schedule your audition.

What to except for LEGACY auditions:

Legacy is intended to be a safe and fun environment for new choir members. Those with little to no experience are welcome here, however, advanced students are also enrolled. Music is selected according to the the skill of the overall choir.


1.    Our directors will want to hear you sing ANYTHING you are comfortable with. This may be "Twinkle Little Star," "The Star Spangled Banner," or any other commonly known tune.... "Jingle Bells" is fine too! Be prepared to sing without accompaniment - your voice only. You may also choose to bring a second song with an accompaniment if desired. Accompaniment  will need to be preloaded on a blue tooth enabled device to pair with our speaker system or you may provide your own piano accompanist. Tracks/links may also be emailed to ChoiceChoirs@gmail.com IN ADVANCE for our directors to stream on your behalf.

2.    Vocal range warm up. We know many are nervous singing "solo." We'll run some simple warm ups to get a general idea of your current range and overall voice quality. We'll also play a few ear training games to see how well the student CURRENTLY retains new melodies. This helps us better place students within the choir/ensemble.

3.    Commitment. Usually choirs meet 3 or more days per week. We are meeting ONE day per week.  Students are expected to practice AT HOME between rehearsals to maximize our time together. Memorizing words and becoming familiar with their parts at home makes it possible to work on CHORAL technique in class. Students will be provided sheet music and access to rehearsal tracks to use at home for this purpose.

Parents or other guests are NOT permitted in the audition. (Students requiring assistance to participate in choir will be handled case by case. Please contact our director if your student requires assistance.) We need to  be able to ascertain the level of comprehension and ability to focus on the task at hand. More times than not, the student performs best when other family members or guests are not present. Directors RECORD the entire audition process, though students will not necessarily be made aware of the camera.