Show Team


We're excited to announce our partnership with Elite Dance Studios to offer our community an AFTER SCHOOL Show Team experience! 

Show Teams are open for participants ages 7 through young adult. Our shows naturally divide and combine ages for a show audiences will love.   AUDITIONS are mandatory as this is a performing arts team. 


Our first objective is to provide a safe environment for youth and young adults to learn and practice their talent. We act as a team, learn as a team, win as a team and fail as a team.  Bullying is not accepted and all must feel "safe" to try new things in this setting.

This group WILL PERFORM repertoire from "Pop Culture," including, but not limited to Pop Radio/Chart Toppers, Disney, Broadway, Christian Christmas, Secular Christmas, Folk pieces from around the world and including various cultures, Jazz, etc.  Dance routines may include, but are not limited to, contemporary, jazz, ballet, tap, acro/tumbling, lyrical, partner dancing, country,  etc. The Co-Producers, Amy Chiodo and Virginia Mock, hold all decision rights for content and are the final decision makers for screening material for "generally accepted as Family friendly" content for dance and music.  As values vary from house hold to household, "family friendly" is determined by the producers.

Fall 2022-2023 school year is anticipated to be cast with primarily beginning students, as show choir type activities are limited in our area.  Please come prepared to sing a verse and chorus of two (2)  FAMILY FRIENDLY broadway show tune or pop culture song. Choose contrasting pieces to help show off your talent.   

We require a team of at least 20 performers. If participation falls under these numbers our shows will lack depth and power.  Due to the  amount of material that must be learned to perform a full 20 - 30 minute show, we ask an annual commitment to the team payable in semester increments.


We'd like to take the team around to various local events and Branson pre-shows over the summer months and throughout the year as schedules permit.  Local festivals usually occur in late spring through early summer. Summer participation is optional and no tuition is charged for participating in local events. Pay only travel or ticketing fees. 


$250 per semester tuition/$500 annually.

Includes one vocal session and one dance session per week. Attendance at both is mandatory. May pay semester in full or $62.50 monthly from August - November and January - April.


Uniform Fees: TBA

Ladies expect show dresses to run about $150 plus applicable dance under short. Tan/Nude/Skin color tights and tan character shoes are required.


Gentlemen: Expect "suit set" of pants, shirt, vest, tie to run around $120 plus dress socks and black men's character shoes/dance shoes are required. Soles must allow for range of motion for dance.

Choral Rehearsals: Thursdays, 4pm at Elmdale Baptist Church in Springdale, 1705 Ross Ave, Springdale

Choreography Rehearsals: Fridays, 4pm at Elite Dance Studios in Fayetteville, 2005 Main Drive, Johnson