Enroll In A Class


We Use JACK RABBIT CLASS systems for our online enrollment/applications. Please note the following to make your online process easier. We apologize for the lengthy application. You may use the CHAT feature to ask questions or CALL AN ADMIN for help enrolling.

Allow up to 30 minutes to register/enroll. As a nonprofit, ALL of our policies and guidelines are posted within our application. You may refer back to them again in your Parent Portal after enrollment is complete. After completing an online form, please use the parent portal when returning to your account.

Download our PDF schedule posted below for easier viewing of our Network Day schedule.

Items highlighted in BLUE have additional supply fees.

Fayetteville Martial Arts is offering classes for $30/month per student. That's an AMAZING deal. Those enrolled on our roster will be sent a registration link to enroll directly with Fayetteville Martials Arts and will be enrolled as an FMA student with the ability to belt test and participate in other FMA activities and classes. If you are already an FMA student you may take classes at Choice Education Network, Inc  and FMA will count towards your attendance/leadership training, etc.


1. Network Day Tuition - "Memberships"

You'll see THREE Network Day "Membership" tiers. (ND) #01 - 03...

Please choose only ONE member of your family to "enroll" into one of these tiers to represent your family's price bracket. Your semester fees will post IN FULL, monthly installments are permitted in the parent portal and NO FEES ARE COLLECTED DURING ONLINE REGISTRATION. Adding additional students to the membership tiers will generate additional semester fees.

2. Facility/Registration  Fees:

ALL FAMILIES will be billed the one time $60 facility fee for the spring semester by default during online registration. If your family is NOT participating in Network Day classes, please allow our admins time to waive this fee. YOU ARE NOT CHARGED at the time of enrollment. You'll need to log into your parent portal to make payments and can disregard the facility fee for Archery and other non Network Day related classes.

3. Supply Fees:

Supply fees do not automatically populate. Please allow us time to manually add $10 to each student enrolled in Network Day programs for the semester. While this fee will not cover all our supply needs, it will certainly help to cover all the basics and get our semester started. Non Networkd Day classes do not have additional supply fees.

NETWORK DAY FAMILIES: Please look for our Signup Genius supply list later in January/February under "DONATE" on this site to see what supplies our teachers are needing this semester that are NOT COVERED in the general supply fee. It was determined by the community that the group prefers a sign up list for families to help with rather than raising supply fee costs across the board. As long as supply needs are being met, we'll continue with this method. We should not require items in the month of February.

4. Additional Fees

Our Choir and Drama programs require additional material and licensing fees and have already been added to the class tuition when enrolling. If these fees become a deterrent for enrolling CONTACT US. Ordering music, scripts, licenses, covering royalties etc. adds up quickly. If our production community cannot afford the projects we've pre-selected (but not yet purchased) we can realign or postpone productions for a semester with better participation to reduce fees. We would rather choose other programs than loose students wanting the choir and drama experience. C

Concert attire, costumes, props, etc. are all additional costs to our students and details are in the class descriptions for choir and TBD for drama production depending on the final selection.

4. Class Codes

You'll notice (ND) # and a number in front of most classes. Those numbers correspond with the rows and columns on the class schedule attached for easier identification in the jackrabbit system and indicate which classes are available under our Network Day (ND) tuition structure.

You'll notice other classes without this code/number. There may be additional fees associated with some classes not offered under our Network Day schedule. You'll also notice Legacy Concert Choir, Vivace/Virtuoso Advanced Choir and Theatre Lite/Drama Production have TWO listings. Use the ND code unless you only have ONE student participating in ONE of those classes. The non ND code is for families not participating in multiple classes and offers a slightly less overall tuition cost for a single student in a single class.

Spring 2021 Network Day Schedule, Thursdays at Elmdale Baptist Church