Toggle between "semeter" based classes and "events"  to enroll/register your students.  Remeber to PURCHASE YOUR STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS before booking semester-based classes (network day classes).  Semester classes BEGIN AUG 26!   This is a new registration platform, ALL families will need to register.

Families may now "click to enroll" directly from our calendar.  Check back as events, field trips and meet ups are added throughout the year and as clubs form, their schedules will populate on the calendar.


MOST of our classes are offered as part of our NETWORK DAY schedule - READ PROGRAM DETAILS HERE. Please note that  "memberships" must be purchased PRIOR to selecting "members only" classes and events and allow unlimited access to members only classes - as space allows. "Membership," in our context, refers to the"base/flat rate" student tuition per semester.  Each student wishing to participate will require a "membership" to enroll into these courses.


Events not listed as "members only" are open to all families.  "Free Trials" are not offered, however, our director would love to arrange a tour/preview. All participants are required to check in and out from events/classes. Unregistered guests will not be permitted to enter without prior approvals from the Director AND tecahers/coaches involved.