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January 2022 Update:

There are NO masking or distancing policies in place.  Choice Education Network, Inc DOES NOT require proof of vaccination and will not inquired on vaccine status of any kind.  We believe that the parent's right to determine best medical practice for their individual families is to be upheld and respected on campus. Masking and distancing is at the discretion of each family and may only be enforced by parents to their own children/students under their guardianship.


Participants assume ALL RISK when participating in Choice Education Network, Inc classes, events and meet-ups.  Assumption of risk waivers are REQUIRED and are to be updated annually. 


Choice Education Network, Inc's policy is that the ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD must be symptom free for at least 48 hours prior to attending classes/events.  Please note the ENTIRE household in this statement, not individuals. Meaning if Child A was sick on Sunday and well by Tuesday, but Child B became ill on Tuesday, Child A is NOT cleared for participation on Thursday regardless of their symptoms as the HOUSEHOLD is still experiencing cold/flu/Covid symptoms.  We add to our policies that any household who has knowingly come in contact with COVID or has a member of the household test positive, comply with current state standards on quarantine and refrain form community activities for at least 7 days.  Refunds are NOT issued for missed classes due to illness or quarantine and is part of the assumption of risk agreement.

We understand that The Natural State is home to thousands of allergens year round.  Sneezing, allergy coughs and CLEAR runny noses are NOT flagged as cold symptoms when no fever is present. You know your family best. If these are normal for your family, monitor and carry on. Young children unable to attend to their own needs are NOT to be sent to classes with excessive runny noses.

GOLDEN RULE: If you have experiencing  symptoms that YOU would feel uncomfortable with if another famlily showed up with same... STAY HOME.  Since Fall 2020, we have had ZERO instances of families attending with cold, flu, or COVID symptoms and have had ZERO Covid cases linked to our community thus far. Thank you for your due diligence in protecting our community.

August 1, 2020 Release:

Please keep in mind that anything and everything may change according to state mandates and regulations. 

​Please note that while phases and state regulations are in place, those in high risk categories are strongly advised to refrain from attending in-person activities. Our community continues  to support the individual families in their preferred level of protection.

​ASSUMPTION OF RISK: The responsibility of hygiene, distancing, mask wearing and other medical protocols rests on the INDIVIDUAL. Each family assumes the risk of contracting ANY illness when entering a community setting. There are always "inherent risks" of contracting whatever may be "going around" when choosing to associate in groups. Communities understand this and the assumption or risk rests with the individual. Immune compromised and other high risk individuals are encouraged to remain home and/or continue to distance, etc. according to their individual circumstances.


Choice Education Network, Inc.,(CEN), its teachers, volunteers and aids will NOT enforce masks, distancing, or any other medically related restriction as the burden of this responsibility and choice rests entirely on each family. We cannot guarantee 100% mask wearing or 100% distancing and we will NOT inquire regarding vaccine status.

​Our venue, Elmdale Baptist Church, provides ample space to allow distancing for those choosing to do so and provides outdoor space for classes that can be reasonably held outdoors. As a third party renting us the space, Elmdale Baptist Church is no way responsible for the actions or decisions of Choice Education Network, Inc or those participating.


An  Assumption of Risk waiver must be signed and on file for ALL families before admittance into any class, club or event.

​Our classroom "enrollment limits" will ensure that we are not overcrowding and provide the CHOICE to keep a distance ... or not ... according to the needs and desires of those participating.  We understand that some will want to distance while others are ready to start gathering in small, controlled settings. Mask wearing is a clear sign to those around you that you wish distance.  We expect  RESPECT on all sides in regards to the individual right to choose for oneself and their family the level of precaution taken. There is to be NO shaming or bullying as we work to regain some semblance of normality in these uncertain times.


By voluntarily choosing to come together to meet in-person as a community means respecting one another, even if we disagree, and accepting full responsibility for our own actions, behaviors and natural consequences of gathering. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children adhere to their family's medical protocol. If your child requires assistance in following your family's wishes, please plan to attend classes with your child(ren).

SCREENING: Choice Education Network, Inc's policy has ALWAYS been that the ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD must be symptom free for at least 48 hours prior to attending classes.  Please note the ENTIRE household in this statement, not individuals. We add to our policies that any household who has knowingly come in contact with COVID or has a member of the household test positive, to please comply with he current state standards on quarantine.

We will NOT be screening on site. Parents are to evaluate their own household.  Use the GOLDEN RULE when determining if your family is well enough to attend. If another family arrived showing the symptoms in question, would you want them there? If the answer is "no," then please stay home. 


This "self screening" policy worked well in 2020, there are no plans for Choice Education Network, Inc to screen our community. Thank you for governing yourselves in such responsible ways that our community is able to meet regularly.


We do NOT participate in any third party "contact tracing" and respectfully request that any such tracking or tracking devices be disabled while participating in our events. Our standard class rosters and attendance records more than suffice for this purpose should we be approached for such records with adequate court orders. Choice Education Network, Inc. values the privacy of each family and ask participants to do the same. 

​The responsibility rests with each family to ensure all are healthy and symptom free BEFORE coming to any in-person class or event. Historically, our community has done very well with not bringing sick family members on-site. We trust, in light of new regulations, families will continue to monitor their households and make responsible choices by not bringing "sick households" into our classrooms and immediately removing any members who may become ill while on campus.


In the event of absence due to illness or suspected illness, no refunds are given. Zoom or other virtual settings will not be offered by our teachers except under shut down. Families may connect with each other to arrange facetime or other video participation as they desire and may reach out for help connecting with a willing virtual participant. This is not guaranteed.


​In the event of a "shut down," and we are no longer able to meet at out host location, our teachers are prepared to make arrangements for temporary virtual classes to finish out their prepared lesson plans. Virtual classes are offered ONLY where there is interest.  Refunds under long term shut down are based on PERCENTAGE of what's left in the bank account and what is refunded to Choice Education for rent, utilities, insurance, etc. These are generally paid in full long before the end of our semester. Choice Education Network, Inc will work to "make it right" the best we can in these situations and ask your grace and understanding regarding situations out of our control.

Should shut down or long term virtual classes be needed, a new survey and sign up will be sent with a selection of virtual classes available. Rates MAY INCREASE as the purchase of virtual software and and tech may be required for our teachers to keep their classes going. Virtual classes will continue for as long as there is interest and teachers willing to lead. In-person classes will resume the moment our host allows third parties to return to their facilities.​

CLEANING: Classrooms must be sanitized at the end of our day. We require the help of all our families in keeping materials and classrooms sanitized in accordance with current regulations. Please be prepared to either help supply necessarily cleaning supplies and/or helping to clean before and/or after classes. 

SUPPLIES: We have community supplies for sharing. Families wishing to purchase personal use supply kits may do so to limit contact.  Please contact our director for the current supplies needed for each class.

​MEALS/BEVERAGES: Choice Education Network, Inc does not provide a meal or snack service. Food and beverage are generally not permitted in the classrooms. Families may picnic together during the day and are expected to clean up their picnic areas after use. Students are required to bring their own reusable water bottles with their names clearly labeled as water fountains may be temporarily out of order.

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