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$30 per FAMILY per trimester. These fees help purchase targets, bows, arrows, insurance, off-set coaching fees, awards, etc and are NON REFUNDABLE.  Admin fees are due each JANUARY, MAY, and SEPTEMBER per participant. Our year is divided into trimesters.


Internal competitions and “shooting goals” are set by division (age/skill/bow type). Our trimesters will run SPRING: January - April; SUMMER: May-August; FALL: September - December


Range fees will vary according to venue and current range rentals.

Outdoor America currently has a 5 person limit on the archery range.

$15 Per participant per 1-hr session (includes coaching fees)

$25 per participant per 1-hr session if requiring rentals (includes coaching fees)

Other practice locations may be used from time to time. Alternate pricing will be posted when/if other range locations are used.

Participation Levels: 

Club Style - No participation minimum but must participate in one session per month to qualify for trimester milestone/recognitions and awards. Certificates of achievement awarded each trimester.

Competitive-Lite - participate at least twice per month, though encouraged to participate weekly. Shoot a score card twice a month at session practice for a full trimester (8 score cards at least one week apart from each other) to qualify for trimester internal competitions and awards. Leaderboards will be posted on our website each month to help encourage “friendly competition” within the network. Internal competition for medal winnings each trimester.

Competitive League - participate at least once per week or four sessions per month. Shoot a score card weekly with no more than four score cards submitted monthly. Internal competition for trophy winnings each trimester.


Each Session meets for an hour and includes targets, access to rental equipment (as needed) and coaching from Steve Roach at Outdoor America with plenty of time to practice and shoot score cards.



1. A VOLUNTEER Group Leader: An ADULT (age 21 or older) must be onsite and at the range for EACH GROUP scheduled. Sessions where no Group Leader has volunteered will be cancelled. We depend on volunteers to help keep our costs down vs raising prices to pay a group leader for every scheduled session. If you’ll already be onsite with your youth, please consider signing up as the group leader.

Responsibilities include: providing range supervision to ensure all safety protocols are being followed at all times, taking attendance and verifying if using rental equipment, taking photos/videos (or delegating this to another participant), and verifying and collecting any score cards from Competitive-Lite students to keep in our designated filing area. Group leaders DO NOT collect session fees. Assisting Steve Roach as needed/indicated.

ALL adults remaining on-site are expected to help supervise the range and may be asked to step in and help during some activities.

2. Warm ups: Please be mindful of any Outdoor America customers who may be finishing up their session. Students who have completed orientation and have their own gear may begin “warming up” upon arrival IF AN ADULT IS ON THE RANGE to supervise. Please do not begin earlier than 10 minutes before our reserved time and never start warming up early if customers or other groups are using the range. Rental equipment will be brought in by Outdoor America staff.

3. Coaching Session: Steve Roach will work 1:1 with each participant at least once per session. More experienced students may also be assigned to help new archers. Steve Roach also works in the store and may need to float from range to store throughout the block but each student will receive instruction. 

4. Practice & Archery Games: Students will rotate through taking turns practicing new techniques and challenges and participate in various range games to increase accuracy, speed and skill. Targets get expensive, please expect that we will use and reuse paper targets until they are thoroughly torn/worn out. Students may purchase personal targets if they desire.

5. Scores: Club style students are encouraged to shoot at least one scoring round each month to help track their progress for the trimester. Scoring is not required, though awards and milestones cannot be acknowledged without scoring/tracking. Students will be taught how to score and will help score one another on the range.

Competitive students may choose to shoot their score cards during practice time or arrange an alternate private range time with Steve Roach. Snap a photo of your score card with your name, the date and signature of Steve Roach or the assigned group leader and turn in your cards to the group leader to be stored in our designated area. 


Archery classes are open to ALL ages and skill levels, including adults. Ability to participate fully ultimately comes down to upper body strength to operate the bow safely, generally around age 8 and up. Parents are required to stay on-site with participants under age 14. Drop-off privileges may be granted or revoked at the complete discretion of Steve Roach/Outdoor America and/or Amy Chiodo, Network Director, Choice Education Network, Inc.


Youth: We train using the genesis youth bows used in school tournaments and competitions; however, families are encouraged to bring their own gear and students may work with other models if that is what their family has. “Toy” models are not appropriate for archery club. Steve Roach has the ultimate say on what equipment may/may not be used on the range.

*Note: Our organization qualifies as a “school” and may enter competitions offered to schools and other local events throughout the year. Additional fees apply for participation in third party competitions. ALL students who meet competition requirements are eligible to participate in third party tournaments and competitions. This is the primary reason for the types of bows we use in our classes and clubs, specifically for youth.

Adults: Bring your own gear or plan to use the youth rental bows. Hunting bows are permitted.



Due to C19, rentals are very limited at this time. We will know more about availability as we organize our groups. Many have gear they are willing to share/take turns in the event rentals are unavailable. Prices will be adjusted/credited accordingly if rentals were not available at the time of your session. Choice Education Network, Inc will work to secure bows for student rentals as funding allows. 


Outdoor America offers amazing deals to our students. Check with Steve Roach about ordering through their store for the best deals. Student bows start at $160 plus tax.



We will be booking the INDOOR range at Outdoor America in Springdale. We are limited to FIVE archers at a time while C19 mandates and regulations are in place and will let you know the moment these restrictions are lifted and we can return to our 12 archers per session limits. Note that parents and siblings ARE NOT included in this head count. 


Fridays 1pm - 2pm starting January 8th, 2020


Pre-Register on THIS SIGN UP for Spring Sessions in January! Check back often as monthly session dates will update as we are able confirm booking dates. Anticipated Session Times For January-April:

   Fridays: 1:00pm - 2:00pm 

*families are encouraged to book additional range time as often as they desire. See Steve Roach at Outdoor America for negotiated fees for Choice Education.


Network Director

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