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Show Choir!

Elite Dance Studios and Choice Education are partnering to offer SHOW CHOIR as an afterschool program!  Singer-Dancer-Actors ages 7 and up are welcome to interview/audition for their place on the team!  Our shows naturally allow a multi-age program where rotations through choral and choreography seamlessly blend to create a show stopper experience you're sure to love.

SHOW CHOIRS are expected to be a SCHOOL YEAR commitment. With only one rehearsal per week, we need the time to truly polish our show!

TRAVEL: Prices include ONE student ticket to BRANSON for an end of year pre-show experience! Additional travel costs are not covered.


TUITION: $250 Per Semester / $500 Annually (16 rehearsals)

UNIFORMS: TBD  (approx $150 or LESS per school year, plus shoes)

REHEARSALS: Fridays 4:30 - 6:30 pm  Aug 19, 2022 - May 26

LOCATION: Elite Dance Studios, 2005 Main Drive, Fayetteville AR

COACHES:  Amy Chiodo, Vocals & Virginia Mock, Choreographer

TRAVEL & SHOWS: At Minimum, expect participation in Elite Dance Studio's May Recital

and at least ONE Branson Pre-Show each year. Additional travel is decided as a team according to availability and budget.

Participation in our SUMMER CAMP August 8 - 12 qualifies as an audition. ENROLL NOW!

Sign up for Alternate Auditions on August 12th HERE!

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