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Kinder Game Schooling ages 5+




12 Weeks

About the Course

Making math and phonics fun and entertaining for ages 5-9, we're gamifying learning and practice!

Some samples of what MIGHT happen in our flexible game-school classroom:

### Math Games:

1. **Math Bingo**: Create bingo cards with math problems instead of numbers.

2. **Math Scavenger Hunt**: Hide math problems around the house or yard for kids to find and solve.

3. **Math Puzzles**: Provide math-related puzzles and brain teasers for kids to solve.

4. **Math Board Games**: Play board games that involve math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

### Phonics Games:

1. **Word Bingo**: Create bingo cards with words instead of numbers for phonics practice.

2. **Phonics Treasure Hunt**: Hide words or pictures of objects that start with a specific sound for kids to find.

3. **Rhyming Memory Game**: Create cards with rhyming words for a memory matching game.

4. **Phonics Charades**: Act out words or sounds for kids to guess and identify the phonics patterns.

Your Instructor

Cassie W

Cassie W

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