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Entrepreneurs Workshop ages 12+




12 weeks

About the Course

This semester we'll be offering a workshop for our aspiring entrepreneurs.

This will allow them space to:

  • work through their ideas

  • ask questions

  • research

  • build out their products/services.

We'll help students with:

  • setting goals

  • project planning

Students will be working on individual projects, but will have the benefit of being in the group to:

  • brainstorm

  • be inspired

  • collaborate

We will meet the students where they are, whether they need:

  • assistance coming up with an idea

  • planning a marketing campaign

  • building a website

If we can't directly answer a question, we'll help them find the resources they need

ages 12+

10am Thursdays starting Aug 22

LAPTOP required!

Your Instructor

Lesley T

Lesley T

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